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*NEW* Christmas Pop 'n Cuts Inserts & Coordinating Decorator Dies

In stores now are the newest inserts for the Pop 'n Cuts Collection, including three that will be perfect for Christmas cards! (Yes, I know that a lot of you had your cards finished before Halloween, but perhaps you can get a jump on next year! Also, stop showing off! Heh.)

What I like to do with my die collections is to create optional decorator dies to fit the pop-ups. These decorator dies can also work on their own as flat dies, independent of the pop-ups, as you'll see in this first card, which uses the Ribbon Tree from the Noel Sizzlits Set on the front of the card as a stand-alone item. I've also used the Poinsettia from the Noel Sizzlits Set to decorate the interior of the card above the pop-up. The third Sizzlits in this set is the word Noel, which can be used flat, but also fits the Noel Pop 'n Cuts insert just perfectly, leaving a small shadow. 

Noel with Burlap

Often the Sizzlits sets for the Pop 'n Cuts collection will decorate more than one insert. In the case of the Noel Sizzlits set, it actually decorates THREE inserts! Next up, the Pop 'n Cuts Ribbon Tree Insert, which is one of four new "stand-up" designs. These Pop 'n Cuts inserts work a little differently than all the previous ones. Notice in the "Noel" card above that the card is meant to be viewed at 90 degrees. The top half of the card interior becomes a backdrop of the card.

In the case of the "stand-up" designs (Ribbon Tree, Poinsettia, Frame, Star), the finished card will open up fully flat, to 180 degrees, and the pop-up will stand-up in the middle of the card. Assembly is just as easy, perhaps even easier, because all that is required is folding the mirror-image items upwards from their bases and gluing them back-to-back near the top of the image. Done!

Pop 'n Cuts inserts always create the pop-up from the card itself, meaning they leave holes that need covering with a backing card. In the case of the "stand-up" designs, the holes themselves are interesting and can be backed, covered or filled for interesting results. In the case of the Ribbon Tree card that's next, the coordinating Ribbon Tree Sizzlits was used to not only decorate the pop-up, but also to fill the holes with trees.

PNC Ribbon Tree Card

On the above card I also made use of some decorator pieces from other dies. The vine is from the Hello Sizzlits Set and the label (stamped with Merry Christmas) is from the new Raising Platform die.

The other Pop 'n Cuts insert that is decorated by the Noel Sizzlits Set is the Poinsettia insert. There are a couple of ways you can use the Sizzlits to decorate the pop-up. You can use the solid Poinsettia or the single petal/leaf piece. For this next card, I cut seven leaves and created a larger decorator poinsettia to fit the pop-up. Then I used the solid poinsettia from the Sizzlits set to decorate the holes. My new Ornate Plate die makes a great wreath for the front of the card. For this card I embossed texture and added a bow. Simple!

Poinsettia Card

One last card to show. Pop 'n Cuts accessories will work with all the collections, and the Flagpole/Lantern/Sign Sizzlits Strip is a perfect example. Look how nice the lantern looks with the Noel Pop 'n Cuts insert. You can get directions for how to add poles through the shelf area in this video tutorial: Pop-up 2Torial: Call Me Card

Noel with Lantern

This card also makes use of decorator pieces from other dies. I used the Frame Label die for the Merry Christmas piece and the wreath from the Door die on the lantern.


Here is a video guide to the six newest Pop 'n Cuts inserts:


The holiday season is here. Let's do this!