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Louisiana Scrapfest - Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Just home from a wonderful trip to Arizona to film some pop-up tutorial videos for, visit with my great friends at Bazzill Basics, and then a Saturday filled with Pop 'n Cuts Make 'n Takes at Etc. Our two Sizzix Arizona sales reps, Janna and Joyce, were fabulous hosts. Janna navigated the torrential rains and street flooding like a champ, and Joyce made me gain 5 pounds (if only I were exaggerating) with her fabulous cooking!

I'm only home for a couple of days as the Fall of Intense Teaching (FIT for short) continues. Next up . . . Louisiana Scrapfest!

This is my first time to this event, but the whole gang from Scrapp'n Savvy is excited! Scrapp'n Savvy will have the entire Pop 'n Cuts collection (yes, even Base Dies!) for sale at the booth. I will be demo'ing Pop 'n Cuts in the booth on Thursday and teaching a card class on Friday. Also check out the fabulous classes being taught by Karrie, Melissa and Debra.

I'm teaching my newest Pop 'n Cuts card class, featuring the Halloween, Christmas, Thanks and Flowers cards.

01 PNC Halloween 02 PNC Joy








03 PNC Thanks 04 PNC Flowers








Whether you love all of my specific color, theme and style choices or not, this is a great opportunity to learn a lot of techniques for Pop 'n Cuts. Think of these cards as blueprints or "go-by's" for future cards. They can easily be remade in alternate colors for a different look. I'll be teaching loads of tips and tricks and I also travel with more sample cards than clothes! (So bring your camera!)


I am particularly looking forward to this event because I used to live in Mandeville. I have not been back to New Orleans in over a decade . . . how time flies!

Looking forward to seeing good friends, making new ones, putting on another 5 pounds, and bringing the Pop 'n Cuts SENSATION (I've loved that ever since Jonathan Fong said it!) to The Big Easy!

Another Pop 'n Cuts Spinner Card - 31 Haunted!

OK, yeah, I guess I *am* pretty proud of my little spinner, since I can't stop thinking of stuff to make spin.

I also have a bit of a craft crush (the first step is admitting it) on Shelly Hickox, and when she posted her amazing 12 Tags Screampunk tag, based on an idea we brainstormed for instant death, I wanted to be just like Shelly! My idea for instant death was to have a portrait of a guy and use a spinner to spin away his face leaving just a skull!

Mwaaa haaaa haaaa! Gruesome! 

As I went through my extensive stamp collection, though, I came across an eyeball stamp and decided it would be even MORE creepy for the "alive" guy to be just a giant eyeball wearing a bowler hat and a suit.

Mwaaaa haaaaa haaaa! Ick!

Because of my craft crush, which is not at all creepy or stalkerish and no, I did not ask Shelly if I could hang out in a corner of her studio all slack-jawed with a little drool coming out the corners of my mouth, so whoever told you that is totally lying, and (side note) my craft crush is not nearly as disturbing as, say, petrified or frozen amphibians (Shelly, meet Dina) . . . where was I? Oh yes, craft crush.

As I was saying, because of my craft crush, I wasn't worried about the stamps being the same size because I could just shrink down the bowler hat, shoulders and hand using shrink plastic! (Thanks for the idea, Shelly)

So without further dog doo - (ha! I totally just made that up! I claim it!)

  01 Haunted Closed

I started by stamping my shoulders, bowler hat and hand (couldn't source my exact hand stamp, so I found a suitable replacement to put in the supply list below) with Staz-on ink onto shrink plastic. I colored the tie and hat band with colored pencils and then shrunk all three pieces. The eyeball is just stamped on white cardstock, colored with pencils and then shellacked with Glossy Accents.

I constructed a spinner on the side of the Circle Label Pop 'n Cuts die by following my video Pop-up 2torial. Here's the diagram:

Spinner Diagram

As the card is opened, the spinner starts to move the hand, hat and eyeball away. To make the frame, I used my new Bigz Fancy Frame die, coming in early October to a store near you!

02 Haunted Partial

I added Crackle Accents to the top of the red frame and then got too lazy to wait for it to dry, so I just blasted it with a heat gun, causing it to crackle and pop and make crud bubbles. PERFECT! I hit the top of the crud bubbles with ink and sanded them down behind the spinner so they wouldn't catch. I cut the frame so the spinner could spin behind the shoulders and bottom half of the frame, but in front of the top half of the frame.

  03 Haunted Open

By the way, I did notice that I had die cut the paper upside-down, causing the peeling wallpaper to be peeling upward, but then I decided that sort of matched the ridiculousness of the scene, so I just went with it! (It's my card and I can do what I want to!)

Here's a close-up of the "let me tip my eyeball and hat to you, dear sir" part of the card:

04 Haunted Close

I hid the glue dot connection point between my lower spinner (the square with the slit up the middle) and my larger spinner (with the eyeball, hat and hand attached) by putting a spider web over it. Then I figured I needed a matching spider web in the upper left corner.

Then, when I got to the front of the card and needed to hide my adhesive where I attached the plastic front piece, I discovered that the Trendy Tape was going to COMPLETE THE SPIDER WEB! How's that for an awesome happy accident? Dude!

01 Haunted Closed

I also used large eyelets in the left corners to keep the plastic front piece on. A couple of stickers for the inside completed the card.

Here is a top view of the mechanism. Just a simple spinner and the Base A2 Pop 'n Cuts die with Circle Label - easy!

05 Haunted Mechanism

For more ideas on using the spinner, you can scroll down or use this handy link: Angry Birds Card plus visit the Sizzix Blog to see the Beach Wagon and Eerie Hearse-o-ween cards.

Here is a supply list for what I could find:

Other Supplies:
Moxxie MD1227 Some Like it Haunt patterned paper
Twenty-Two skull stamp
Stubby Stampers spider web stamp
Shrink Plastic
Large Eyelets
Glossy & Crackle Accents
Echo Park "Chillingsworth Manor" stickers
Staz-on Ink
31 Haunted Card

Pop 'n Cuts with Spinner: Angry Bird-day! (Happy Birthday)

Today I have a fun technique for adding a simple spinner to the side of a Pop 'n Cuts pop-up to add another layer of interactive fun! The technique is explained in a Pop-up 2Torial video that is posted on the Sizzix blog here: Pop-up 2torial - Spinner technique with Pop 'n Cuts

I thought it might be fun to style the new Dena Designs Birds #3 die as an Angry Bird and make him fly using the same spinner technique.

01 AngryClosed

The card is the standard A2-sized Pop 'n Cuts card with the front replaced with a piece of clear plastic so the bird can be viewed in the slingshot. I've always liked my "you're only young once" rubber stamp and this seemed like the perfect card for it.

02 AngryHalf

As the card is opened the bird starts to fly and a hidden target is being revealed!

03 AngryOpen

Once the card is fully open the pig and flying wood pieces are revealed.

My kids were pretty impressed with this card, although Emma did say that I should have made a Yellow Bird because of the wood. Sheesh!

Construction of the spinner for this card was exactly like in the video tutorial, except that I moved the spinner out away from the pop-up by adding and inch to the two horizontal panels. (2" became 3", 1 1/8" became 2 1/8") The video and diagram for the spinner are on the Sizzix blog here.

I also added a rectangle of cardstock to cover the Circle Label pop-up for a solid backdrop for my flying bird.

04 AngryMechanism

Three wood pieces are stuck to the spinner so they move as the bird moves. The fourth is glued down in the background of the card (above the pig) and is revealed as the pop-up shifts. I fashioned the pig from the same bird die by cutting off his middle headfeather and rounding the base.

05 AngryClose

Here are the Sizzix dies used:

Other Supplies:
Grass Sizzlits (retired)
Bazzill cardstocks and thick plastic paper
Inspire Me wooden finish cardstock
Rubber stamps - 100 Proof Press (You're only young once...), Stampin' Up! (happy birthday to you)
Make sure you check out the Sizzix blog to watch the video tutorial for the spinner and see photos of the two cards featured in the video:
Beach Wagon Hearse

Angry Bird-day