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Draw Something, Part Two!

Pop-up 2torial: Pop 'n Cuts "Hello" Card

It's time for another Pop-up 2torial! (Because "lessthan3torial" didn't have quite the same ring)

You can find the video tutorial, more photos and supply list on the Sizzix Blog here

01 PNC Apple Hello Card

Same card, different colors:

09 PNC Gold Hello Summary
I really have to give a special shout-out to the staff, customers, students and my dear friends at Scrapp'n Savvy. Since I started teaching there last fall, I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people. The store is an hour away and I can't drop in all the time, so I look forward to my monthly teaching dates to see all my friends. (I mean, some of you I keep up with on Draw Something, and to Brenda . . . you deserved that last drawing! Heh heh heh)

Thank you for ordering so many dies. This collection has been two years in the making, and to see it so close to shipping, so close to getting into crafters' hands, so close to making pop-ups easy (desperately easy) for anyone . . . I can't tell you what it means to witness people lined up with stacks of pre-order tickets. I will not soon forget this day! 

I wish I could remember who said it, was it you, Nelda? But when I overheard someone say "I'll never need to buy a card again! Why would I? These are easy and so dynamic!" - THAT'S the icing on the cake!

Make sure you visit the Sizzix blog today to watch the video tutorial.