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Pop 'n Cuts - Sending Love Card

I am packing up to spend the day at the CK Houston Convention today. You can find me in the It's Cheaper than Therapy booth demo'ing Sizzix Pop 'n Cuts from 11-1 today. I'll also be around tomorrow, rotating between helping in a couple of Dollar Scrapbooking classes that I designed for my friend Kristi, and pestering Gretchen as she demos in the It's Cheaper than Therapy booth.

As I was getting all my Pop 'n Cuts dies together last night for the demo, I noticed a beautiful piece of Authentique paper sitting on the top of my "use this sometime" stash. This card went together extremely quickly.

03 Sending Love Summary

I always start pop-up cards with the inside, since that's where the pop-up is. Normally, with card making, you decorate the front of the card and the inside is just a stamped or handwritten greeting. With pop-up cards, your main decoration is usually on the inside of the card and that's how the card is likely to be displayed anyway, so I will often make the front of the card a very simple design.

01 Sending Love Closed
The front of the card is just a few strips of paper and cardstock, a section of the Birds on a Wire Sizzlit strip (with pop-dots behind them for dimension) and the center portion of the Heart Movers & Shapers piece cut from Shimmer Sheetz and then embossed. 

02 Sending Love Open
I used the Pop 'n Cuts Base A2 card with the included Circle Label pop-up for the inside. I cut it from a piece of paper and then used a craft knife to cut slits in the paper, near the top and near the bottom, to weave small strips of pink cardstock through the paper. I really didn't want to cover any of the pretty paper, but I felt that the ends of the card needed some contrast, so that was my solution.

The Heart & Wing Movers & Shapers set (with embossed Shimmer Sheetz wings and a cardstock heart) made the perfect backdrop for my Birds on a Wire. I scalloped the edge of a scrap of gold cardstock and stamped it with a Lawn Fawn greeting stamp in black ink. A little brown ink on the edges, colored pencil bird beaks, black Sharpie eyeballs and I was done!

Pop 'n Cuts are due to arrive at the Sizzix warehouse in California by June 25th and they will ship out to stores from there. There was an unexpected manufacturing delay (that affected a ton of Sizzix products, not just Pop 'n Cuts) but that has been resolved and everything is moving again. A lot of stores are taking pre-orders because of the delay. Definitely check your store and see if they have ordered Pop 'n Cuts or if they plan to. 

I have received some e-mails (I understand!) where people are frustrated that I have been showing card ideas and videos for the dies before they are available. I know. I know. My dates on the Sizzix blog were pre-assigned and the dies were supposed to have arrived to stores by the first week in June. I did not want to miss any opportunities to promote the product, so I went ahead and put the ideas out there. Hopefully the ideas will help you make a shopping wish list or decide on pre-orders. 

Also, Gretchen has an awesome Pop 'n Cuts card that will go up on the Sizzix blog today! (ducking