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And the winners are . . .

My new collection of Sizzix dies, Pop 'n Cuts, is heading out to stores starting this week. I am told that it might take a couple of weeks to fill all the open orders, but keep an eye out! They'll be there soon.

To preview the collection, I created a mini-album with accompanying video. You can scroll down to see it or click this link: Pop 'n Cuts Video Die Guide

When I sent out a notice of the video to my mailing list, I offered the opportunity to win one of the new accessory Sizzlits strip dies if they left a comment. Here are those winners:


Brenda Ladd writes:

I love looking at the things you've made, the album is really pretty. I'm gonna have to check out the 3D love insert. You made some awesome things.

Thanks Brenda! I will be e-mailing you for your address so I can send out a Birds on a Wire Sizzlits Decorative strip die to you!


Beth Anne in PA writes:

Oh Boy!!! I had to put a self-imposed restriction on buying anymore 'craft stuff' until I get a chance to play with all the other great 'stuff' I have lying around not even opened yet, but after watching your video, I know I have to get my hands on these dies. I have been making pop ups since I was a teen (long, long ago!!!) and these dies are calling my name! So I guess I'll need to start with your Pop 'n Cuts base kit and add the Pop 'n Cuts Label insert. Thanks for corrupting, er inspiring me once again! ;)

Well Beth Anne, if it makes you feel any better, those choices (Base Circle Label and Label insert) will be great platforms for all those other stash items you haven't touched! See? These dies are essential! Ha.

And, you've won a Flagpole w/Lantern & Sign Sizzlits Decorative strip die! 


Want to win a prize next time? Make sure you're a member of my mailing list (see the big blue button in the sidebar at the left? Click that!) You will not have to worry about a clogged in-box - I'm averaging about one e-mail a year at this point! (But my goal is to work up to twice a year! Or, gasp, maybe one a quarter!)

Here's to a stellar weekend! I'll see some of you at Scrapp'n Savvy tomorrow for my Pop 'n Cuts card class. 

Pop 'n Cuts Video Die Guide

01 Album Closed

Pop 'n Cuts will ship to stores this week. Some of the accessory dies (Sizzlits) have already started shipping, so keep an eye out! They'll be in your hot little hands in no time!

I've put together a mini-album that shows all 15 dies in the first collection. You can watch this short video to hear me explaining each die. The still shots are below in case you want a closer look at any of the sample cards in the album.


(Click the thumbnails to enlarge)

02 Cover Open

03 Page 1 Closed

04 Page 1 Open

05 Page 2 Closed

06 Page 12 Open

07 Page 2 Closeup

08 Page 3 Closed

09 Page 3 Open

10 Page 3 Closeup

11 Page 4 Closed

12 Page 4 Open

13 Page 4 Closeup

14 Page 5 Closed

15 Page 6 Closed

16 Page 56 Open

17 Page 5 Closeup18 Page 6 Closeup19 Page 7 Closed20 Page 7 Open21 Page 7 Closeup22 Page 8 Closed23 Page 8 Open24 Page 8 Closeup






















Mini-Album Supplies:

Pop 'n Cuts - Sending Love Card

I am packing up to spend the day at the CK Houston Convention today. You can find me in the It's Cheaper than Therapy booth demo'ing Sizzix Pop 'n Cuts from 11-1 today. I'll also be around tomorrow, rotating between helping in a couple of Dollar Scrapbooking classes that I designed for my friend Kristi, and pestering Gretchen as she demos in the It's Cheaper than Therapy booth.

As I was getting all my Pop 'n Cuts dies together last night for the demo, I noticed a beautiful piece of Authentique paper sitting on the top of my "use this sometime" stash. This card went together extremely quickly.

03 Sending Love Summary

I always start pop-up cards with the inside, since that's where the pop-up is. Normally, with card making, you decorate the front of the card and the inside is just a stamped or handwritten greeting. With pop-up cards, your main decoration is usually on the inside of the card and that's how the card is likely to be displayed anyway, so I will often make the front of the card a very simple design.

01 Sending Love Closed
The front of the card is just a few strips of paper and cardstock, a section of the Birds on a Wire Sizzlit strip (with pop-dots behind them for dimension) and the center portion of the Heart Movers & Shapers piece cut from Shimmer Sheetz and then embossed. 

02 Sending Love Open
I used the Pop 'n Cuts Base A2 card with the included Circle Label pop-up for the inside. I cut it from a piece of paper and then used a craft knife to cut slits in the paper, near the top and near the bottom, to weave small strips of pink cardstock through the paper. I really didn't want to cover any of the pretty paper, but I felt that the ends of the card needed some contrast, so that was my solution.

The Heart & Wing Movers & Shapers set (with embossed Shimmer Sheetz wings and a cardstock heart) made the perfect backdrop for my Birds on a Wire. I scalloped the edge of a scrap of gold cardstock and stamped it with a Lawn Fawn greeting stamp in black ink. A little brown ink on the edges, colored pencil bird beaks, black Sharpie eyeballs and I was done!

Pop 'n Cuts are due to arrive at the Sizzix warehouse in California by June 25th and they will ship out to stores from there. There was an unexpected manufacturing delay (that affected a ton of Sizzix products, not just Pop 'n Cuts) but that has been resolved and everything is moving again. A lot of stores are taking pre-orders because of the delay. Definitely check your store and see if they have ordered Pop 'n Cuts or if they plan to. 

I have received some e-mails (I understand!) where people are frustrated that I have been showing card ideas and videos for the dies before they are available. I know. I know. My dates on the Sizzix blog were pre-assigned and the dies were supposed to have arrived to stores by the first week in June. I did not want to miss any opportunities to promote the product, so I went ahead and put the ideas out there. Hopefully the ideas will help you make a shopping wish list or decide on pre-orders. 

Also, Gretchen has an awesome Pop 'n Cuts card that will go up on the Sizzix blog today! (ducking

Pop-up 2torial: Pop 'n Cuts Flower Card

It's time for another Pop-up 2torial!

The video tutorial plus the card in alternate colors (Halloween! For reals!) can be found on the Sizzix blog here: Pop-up 2torial Flower Card

02 PNC Flower Hello
Here is a nice cheater "go-by" image for how to line up the flowers from the Hello Sizzlit set to perfectly match (with a little shadow) the flowers on the Pop 'n Cuts Flower Insert.

04 PNC Flower Cheat Sheet

In other news, I'll be heading up to the Woodlands tomorrow and Saturday for the Houston CK Scrapbook Convention. You'll find me in the It's Cheaper than Therapy booth demoing Pop 'n Cuts from 11-1. On Saturday there will be all-day Sizzix demos in the same booth by Gretchen. Come see us!


Draw Something, Part Two!

The Summer CHA show is fast approaching and if I could sum up how I feel about what's left to be done, it would look something like this:

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Maybe you should play less Draw Something, Karen, and then you would have more time for show preparations!"

To which I reply:

"Whatever, John."


I've just finished up another Pop-up 2torial for the Sizzix blog tomorrow. Make sure you check out Shelly Hickox's MASTERPIECE on the Sizzix blog today. In the meantime, I will entertain you with more of my favorite drawings.

I won't share my Star Wars drawing because John said it was inaccurate. 

John: Princess Leia never used a light saber.

Karen: Are you sure? I think maybe she did.

John: And is that Hans Solo ALSO holding a light saber?!

Karen: Yeah -

John: HE'S NOT A JEDI!!!

Karen: Well she guessed it anyway, despite the inaccuracies, Picky Pickerson! 


Pop-up 2torial: Pop 'n Cuts "Hello" Card

It's time for another Pop-up 2torial! (Because "lessthan3torial" didn't have quite the same ring)

You can find the video tutorial, more photos and supply list on the Sizzix Blog here

01 PNC Apple Hello Card

Same card, different colors:

09 PNC Gold Hello Summary
I really have to give a special shout-out to the staff, customers, students and my dear friends at Scrapp'n Savvy. Since I started teaching there last fall, I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people. The store is an hour away and I can't drop in all the time, so I look forward to my monthly teaching dates to see all my friends. (I mean, some of you I keep up with on Draw Something, and to Brenda . . . you deserved that last drawing! Heh heh heh)

Thank you for ordering so many dies. This collection has been two years in the making, and to see it so close to shipping, so close to getting into crafters' hands, so close to making pop-ups easy (desperately easy) for anyone . . . I can't tell you what it means to witness people lined up with stacks of pre-order tickets. I will not soon forget this day! 

I wish I could remember who said it, was it you, Nelda? But when I overheard someone say "I'll never need to buy a card again! Why would I? These are easy and so dynamic!" - THAT'S the icing on the cake!

Make sure you visit the Sizzix blog today to watch the video tutorial.