Pop-up Layout Project - Candid Camera
Did you know? Pop 'n Cuts work in your Base Tray!

Pop-up Crown-Shaped, uh, project? Let's call it a mini-album!

So one of the things about occasionally looking at the files on your computer is that you come across stuff that was actually kind of cool, even though you *think* maybe you never shared it.

(Still claiming that I am far too lazy busy to check my own archives.)

This was a fancier-castle version of a class called King of the Castle that I taught way back in 2008. (See? I checked my archives on that one!) Remember that logo with the murder font? Good times!

Get Happy Crown Project
As I looked at my files, I found the above photo, where I hadn't added any photos to the project yet, and then this one, which has photos and explains how the thing works:

Get Happy Color
Can't do much about the supplies here - they are too old. The paper was Cosmo Cricket's Get Happy, and the crown/album was made from a Creative Imaginations Pennant Album called Elain.

So why (you may be wondering) am I digging up ancient artifacts and posting them on my blog?

Two reasons.

(1) - I don't have any new stuff to post on my blog. (a given, perhaps)

(2) - Creating the For the Record template class this week caused me to save some stuff in a rarely-used folder on my laptop, and, always a fan of procrastinating, I started opening folders and looking at some of these old classes.