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Countdown Day 2: Two Smarties and One Dum-Dum!

December 1st - Countdown to Christmas

We started this tradition a few years ago. Each little door holds a clue to a hidden trinket. It worked out well when the kids were younger because the Dollar Store brought plenty of decent treasures. Now, though, they are older, and even though they love the "hunt", they really don't need another set of jacks or a plastic paratrooper, or a deck of cards, etc.

So this is what I came up with this year:

IMG_2544 Letter

For the clues, they always rhyme (what was I thinking?!), and they are always sealed with a wax seal (what was I thinking?!). 

Emma opened the clue this morning and obviously skimmed it. I was impressed that she didn't need to look up the word "vittles" (I had no idea if they knew that word) but she decided that the two numbers must be added together to make 20. She then proceeded to scour the pantry looking for something with the number 20 on it.

Once her waffle popped up she joined Karl at the breakfast table and asked for his help. He figured out right away that the number 11 was referring to a letter. He started counting on his fingers . . . A, B, C . . .

"It's K" he said.

"What's that mean?" Emma asked

"I don't know," he replied, "But it's K-9"

"OH!" Emma had a brainstorm and jumped up, "K-9 vittles means DOG FOOD!"

They found the money.

"It looks like $2 each" Karl said.

"No," Emma replied, "$1 for us and $1 for our charity"

"Oh. Right." and they went to stuff their envelopes.

Now you'll notice that I never mentioned what percentage had to go in each envelope. I wondered if either of them would ask. (They didn't) And of course I would be thrilled if the Christmas spirit takes over and we find more than half (or all) of the money in the charity envelopes come December 25th. 

Karl already said he's playing for the ASPCA. Emma hasn't decided.

They will both have to do a dinnertime report on their chosen charities, stating what the organizations do with the donations and why the cause means something to them.

I'm also going to work a few "double your charity money" challenges into the mix. 

I'm already having fun! (Tomorrow's clue is a doozy!)

Happy December!