Countdown Day 13 - Not a grilled cheesus!
Countdown Day 14 - Their cup runneth over!

13th Tag of Christmas - distressed lady indeed!

Text exchange between me and John: (please excuse potty mouth - very distressed lady)


Now why did this distressed lady forget about the water being off?

I blame Tim Holtz!

Because yesterday, while I was trying to replicate a china doll, I went outside to spray said china doll with sealer spray but neglected to bring anything outside with me to spray it on. As I was standing there a worker from the Water Dept. walked up and handed me this flyer to inform me that the water would be off all day today. 

Do you see that light spot on the flyer? The one indicated by the bamboo skewer? That's the outline of the china doll. I said "Thank you very much!" to the Water Dept. worker and gleefully put the flyer under my china doll and started spraying. 

Did I read the flyer?

Not so much.

Also, why is there a handy bamboo skewer on my desk? I blame Tim Holtz for that, too! Things that are currently in my office that need to be returned to other parts of the house/garage include:

One pair of garden shears (Tag #12)

A block of wood for sanding sandpaper (Tag #7)

A bamboo skewer and a roll of Duct tape (failed noodle project, Tag #12)

A baking pan for shrinking plastic with my heat gun (Tag #8, Tag #9, Tag #11Tag #12)

Tissue paper from the wrapping paper box (Tag #2, Tag #12)

A bowl of water (wish I could drink it!) from the packing tape transfers (Tag #10)

Good times!

The other night, after Tag #10, I needed a clean surface to film a promotional video for my new product release at CHA. (See? I do other stuff, I promise!) As I was putting away the "Distressed Ladies" stamps, I decided to give them a quick kerchunk and make a bonus tag.

The title of my bonus tag is "SHOPPING, SHMOPPING . . . AT LEAST MY TAGS ARE DONE!"


It should be noted that the background of this tag is, in fact, the yellow-buttocks paint experiment from Tag #6. Here is the evidence of the transformation:

And now I have to go find a baseball cap.

(So I can go drop off the dry cleaning.)

(Because I can't take a shower and fix my hair.)

(Please keep up.)