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12 Tags of Christmas - Tag 12

I totally DID IT! Whew!

Twelve days of messy intense crafting, using tools from my studio, tools from the garage, supplies from the storage room, supplies I didn't remember I owned, etc., etc., etc.

But I DID IT! I finished the twelve tags. 

Here is my Tag #12:


Replicating today's tag was a challenge. The only product Tim used that I already owned was the alphabet Sizzlit but I had loaned it to Gretchen! (I substituted his Chip Block Sizzlit instead)

I mocked the tag background with stamps, tissue and sparkle Mod Podge. I mocked the tissue flower by stamping on plain white tissue and then following Tim's instructions.


I already had some of Tim's buttons, so that part was easy. The real challenge came in replicating the china doll. Maybe someday when I'm not so exhausted I will post the story of how I first tried to make the doll out of noodles so I could have this tag pull double-duty as a noodle project for Eileen Hull's Noodle Challenge, but I seriously need a hot bath and a glass of wine, so no noodle story tonight. (Note to all: do not try to make a duct tape doll form and then wrap it in cooked ramen noodles. It will look disturbing. Just sayin')

After the failure of the noodle project I had a brainstorm. I remembered some cheap wooden Christmas ornaments that I was sure were tucked in the attic because they no longer make it on the tree. I grabbed three promising ones: 


I decided the one in the middle, the girl, was my Huckleberry. I loved that she was already missing an arm, which seemed to fit with the overall feel of Tim's tag.

I ripped off her hat, scarf and the little wooden present under her arm and painted her white. After she dried, I realized that she was going to be too thick for the tag. She needed to be chopped in half, but how dedicated was I to this project? Was I willing to get out a jigsaw and clamp her to a saw horse? I mean, come on! I thought perhaps a hand saw, if we had a small one, might do the trick, but then I saw these garden shears in the garage and thought . . . would they work?

They worked! Beautifully! A couple more coats of white paint and then a generous spraying of Krylon Glossy Seal Coat turned her into my china doll.

Next I focused on her wings. I knew I had some Tim Holtz charms . . . but the wings had already been used! Aww man!

I turned back to my trusty shrink plastic. I die cut the wings from Tim's Heart Wings die out of white shrink plastic and then ran them through an embossing folder to texturize. 

I shrank the wings (used my heat gun because I'm lazy with the oven) and then highlighted the texture with a silver leafing pen and some black Staz-on ink. They turned out to be the perfect size!

I used hot glue for most of the tag assembly.

Here's a link to Tim's Tag, which has all the instructions for the flower and the layered title letters.

A big thank you to Tim Holtz for his amazing talents and excellent tutorials. I learned a lot of new techniques and rekindled an interest in some that I forgot I knew. This was fun! (But seriously . . . I need a nap!)