12 Tags of Christmas - Tag 9
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12 Tags of Christmas - Tag 10

Someone's on a roll! (It's me! It's me!) Here is my Tag #10:

When I saw Tim's Tag #10 this morning I was instantly thrilled. Remember how I posted this old tag yesterday and mentioned that it was a photo transfer? I actually wrote an article years ago for Creating Keepsakes magazine on photo transfers, (she says, importantly) but I can't remember what issue or anything. It seems like maybe they reprinted that article in one of those big idea books that you can find at Michaels, but really, I'm way too lazy to go find it. So you'll just have to trust me that I used to know what I was talking about when it came to photo transfers.

The tag above is not a packing tape transfer but a kill-your-brain-cells blender pen transfer. And guess what? I STILL HAD ONE OF THOSE CHARTPAK BLENDER PENS IN A BIN SOMEWHERE! It didn't take me long to find it.

I decided that I would find some Christmas sheet music online, mirror image it, print it on my laser, and then do a blender pen transfer for the background of my tag. Tim's technique for the Fragments was to do packing tape transfers, so I figured it would be fitting.

The above picture shows just how much sheet music I was able to transfer to my tag before my stupid blender pen ran out of juice.


I finished up with my trusty Stampin' Up! roller stamp: 


For my packing tape transfers, I rummaged through my Christmas paper bin and found a very old piece of Debbie Mumm paper. I also grabbed the K&Co. vellum, just because I thought it was pretty. I didn't end up using it, though. 


I made packing tape transfers of the tree and reindeer for my Fragments tags. (Full instructions on Tim's blog, linked at the end of this post) Instead of foil behind them, though, I used kraft paper. I also brushed Sparkle Mod Podge along the edges.

I didn't think "Believe" was going to work as a title for my tag, since I didn't use Santa Claus imagery. Instead, I found some Grafix plastic and stamped my greeting in metallic ink. Then I embossed with gold powder:

Then, to give the letters a black border, I turned the piece over and used a Sharpie pen to trace over the letters, basically centering the Sharpie's tip over the edge of the letter so some of the black would be visible as a shadow: 


I trimmed the finished greeting close to the edges of the letters and attached it to my tag. 

Here's the link to Tim's Tag #10 with full instructions for the packing tape transfer:

EDITED TO ADD: Berta asked to see a photo of my stamp case labeled "People- Cannibals" so here it is. I really only have two actual cannibals. The other two stamps are accessories - the boiling pot and the swampy jungle. You know, to set the proper scene! Heh.