It was Lucy, in the Foyer, with her Teeth!
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Thankful! (and not)

I am thankful that John took some time off this week and suggested a fun family outing to the Aquarium on Wednesday.

I am not thankful that we all let ourselves get too hungry and after wandering the downtown tunnels we settled for some foodcourt food that, even as I was wolfing it down, tasted dangerous.

I am thankful that after our first plans to visit John's cousin for Thanksgiving fell through because said cousin got deployed, that some friends here in town invited us to come to their house.

I am not thankful that I woke up Thursday morning with the telltale signs of food poisoning. 

(YOU shoud be thankful that I won't go into detail!)

I am thankful that my family was able to depart without me for a Thanksgiving full of good food, good friends, fun, frivolity and parlor games.

I am not thankful that I, by contrast, was balled up on the couch watching a bad movie on Netflix (after watching as much of The Muppet Christmas Carol as I could stomach on my bad stomach) and feeling sorry for myself.

I am thankful that my sister called and kept me company for an hour.

I am not thankful that by the time I was feeling recovered enough to eat, that there was nothing even remotely Thanksgiving-like in my fridge.

I am thankful that I heard our van pull up much earlier than expected, and I briefly thought that my family couldn't stand the thought of celebrating without me.

I am not thankful that the true reason of their early return was clearly evident on Karl's face, which was sporting a bloody butterfly bandage across his nose. John thought he might need a stitch or some glue, and since it was a dog bite, we were going to err on the safe side.

I am thankful for the internet, which told me in seconds which ER was the closest to us.

I am not thankful that I needed to look that up!

I am thankful that we apparently beat the rush of people who had sliced themselves instead of the turkey, and/or got a wishbone in the eye, because the wait wasn't too terrible. Karl entertained us by reading entries from his "Damn You Autocorrect" app.

Image 1
I am thankful for all the staff at the ER, who worked on Thankgiving.

I am thankful for Walgreens, where the pharmacy is open 24-hours, including holidays.

I am especially thankful that his injuries weren't worse and that, despite looking like he went 10-rounds the next morning:

that he really is fine, and will heal up as good as new. A tooth puncture inside his lip is what caused the swelling. It stayed swollen all day yesterday, but is looking almost normal today. He'll be on antibiotics for 10 days because of the dog germs.

"Black Friday" ended up being "Burniston Lump Friday" for us. Everyone lazed around in PJ's the entire day. We played a few rounds of Pit, I ate some delicious leftovers that our friends were kind enough to send home for me, and Emma and I watched old Agatha Christie episodes, interspersed with Crazy 8's and Nurtz. I am thankful to be fully recovered.

I did buy two Christmas gifts online, but even the websites were crowded - I had to keep submitting my order for an hour before it went through! 

I am thankful that I got up early this morning and took Lucy out for an adventure walk. I had a new route planned, but seeing the ominous black clouds in the distance, I opted to stay closer to home. 

I am thankful that we are being absolutely soaked with an impressive rainstorm at the moment. We need it!

While I would have preferred a less eventful holiday, it certainly made memories, and reminded us that we have plenty to be thankful for!

Plus . . . Christmas ought to be tame in comparison!