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It's better than a sharp stick in the eye!

My father is a very punny guy. He loves puns, catch phrases and any sort of groan-inducing humor. 

One "Dad-ism" that I remember from my childhood is "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye!" which Dad would roll out whenever some minor annoyance was verbalized. "Dad, I dropped my ice cream cone!" "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye!" "I forgot to study for a test!" "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye!" "The Dukes of Hazzard is a rerun!" "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye!"

You get the picture.

And honestly, there were times when I would grumble under my breath that perhaps, just perhaps, a sharp stick in the eye would be preferred over, say, striking out in the bottom of the seventh when the guy I wanted to impress was in the stands.

However, I can now say, with complete assurance, that ANYTHING is better than a sharp stick in the eye!

Because, in a very freak occurence, the other day, while cleaning (cleaning is obviously a dangerous activity that should be outlawed) I leaned in to straighten a box of tissues and one of the sticks from the reed diffuser air freshener jabbed me right in the eye!

No joke!

It hurt!

Hurt like H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!

Luckily it seemed to have hit me in the white part and there wasn't any blood, but the pain lasted all day and I wasn't able to wear my contact lens.

It should be noted that the reed diffuser sticks are not sharp. They are blunt. And scented like vanilla frosting, but that's beside the point. The point is, that based on the pain of a DULL stick in the eye, I am even more in accord with my father, who would (naturally) say that it was better than a SHARP stick in the eye.

Touche, Dad!

And now for something completely different.

I went searching for a blog post this morning. I wanted to share the blog post where I got my iPod signed by my favorite Americal Idol contestant of all time, Elliott Yamin.


Now the Elliott autograph is four years old, and since he signed right across the scroll wheel, it didn't take long to turn into this:


In the last four years Emma and Karl have been upgraded from Nano's to iPod Touches. Karl is on his second Touch after an expensive iPod-in-the-wash incident. John lost an iPod on a plane and broke another while gardening. Now he has an iPhone.

But through my family's iPod upgrades and misfortunes, I have been content to use my first generation Nano. Sure, the battery life isn't great anymore, and no, it doesn't play video, and no, there aren't any apps on it, but it plays, you know, MUSIC, which is why, you know, I BOUGHT IT.

The e-mail came last night:

Dear iPod nano owner,

Apple has determined that, in very rare cases, the battery in the iPod nano (1st generation)may overheat and pose a safety risk. Affected iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006...

To find out if my Nano was part of the recall I had to enter the serial number into the website and, sure enough, my iPod is recalled.

They're sending a box for it.

ME:    John, guess what? They've recalled my iPod. I have to send it in and they give me a replacement. You think I'll get a newer model or just a refurbished old one?

JOHN:    Bingo. They'll send you a refurbished one. But maybe they'll throw in an abacus!

ME:    Don't be a hater. My Nano is a FIRST GENERATION! It's a collector's item. Plus, it has most of Elliott Yamin's autograph still on it.

JOHN:    So keep it.

ME:    But the battery life isn't good. I can't get through even a short plane ride anymore. *sigh* What to do?

In June I will upgrade to an iPhone, and then I won't really need my Nano anymore. So do I keep it for nostalgia?

You may be wondering why there is a candle in the photo.

It's not just any candle.

It's a white candle.

So that clears things up.

What? Need more? Oh ok - if I have to spell it out...

Yesterday was 11/11/11, and there was an article in our local paper that, numerologically speaking, the day held some sort of mystical luck powers and it was recommended to light a white candle and write down a goal.

So hey - I tried it! I wrote down a goal regarding my upcoming release of new dies at the CHA-W show in late January. I'll let you know how it works out.

And since the white candle was still sitting on the table, I figured it wouldn't hurt to light it again to see if it brought any clarity to my iPod decision.

So far, no clarity.

But it is 11/12/11, so that's probably why.

Anyone want to weigh in? Keep the iPod? Send it in and see what I get back in the Nano lottery?

Wrestling with this decision is hard . . .

. . . but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye!