Thankful! (and not)
December 1st - Countdown to Christmas

90-second videos: Pop-up Heart, Bat, Santa, Beach Chair, Cake, Snowman

I got my Christmas present early - a new video camera with HD quality! Yay!

In honor of the new studio and the new camera, I'm trying a new format to my videos as well. Here are the major changes:

  • Music! I scoured through a ton of selections at JewelBeat looking for just the right uptempo "theme music" to use at the beginning and ends of my videos. My family can often be heard singing a "na-na-na" version of it around the house. The official name of the track is "Source of Inspiration", which seemed like a good omen.
  • My face! OK, so those of you who have watched my video tutorials know that I don't show my face. It's always just my hands/arms and a voiceover. I have several reasons, which range from "no suitable backdrop", to "hair/makeup optional", to "what if someone leaves an unkind comment about my appearance and I dwell on it until it eats me up inside?" (OK, so maybe mostly that last one) However, I have been told repeatedly by people who are much more savvy at marketing than I am, that there needs to be a face with my brand, so I'm giving it a try. These videos have a short face intro and then back to the puppet hands and voiceover.
  • 90 seconds(ish)! I had already figured out that my earliest videos were way too long. Who wants to slog through 5 parts to learn how to put one die together? What can I say? I was thorough! So I have already been trying to get the full tutorial videos down one part, 5-8 minutes in length. But I'd also like to start adding in some of these "taste of" or "alternate use for this die" videos and am attempting to keep them around a minute and a half. These videos will assume that you're somewhat familiar with the die and/or willing to watch a longer video to learn all the assembly steps in greater detail. Keeping the length so short forces me to hit only the most important parts and it also means I can shoot and edit them in less time. It should make for more frequent videos. I would LOVE some feedback on this.

Ado over.

Here are six 90-second(ish) video tutorials. I've started a gallery at to make it easier to link supplies. Instead of linking them all on my blog, I will include a direct link to the gallery upload at, where I've used their (very easy!) supply finder to link up all the supplies. 


Us Time card


Ornament Card WM


Santa Card


Penguin Card


Santa Chair

For this last one, I filmed the creation of the birthday card I made for Gretchen to celebrate her 40th. 


Gretchen Bday

So what do you think? Do you get enough instruction with these super-quick tutorials? I am flexible. I could change to a 2-minute format for future videos and add in an extra step or two. Thoughts?