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Part One: Office Remodel

It was exactly one week ago that Gretchen made me call an electrician to add outlets to my office (Calling an electrician was the nagging first step to completing an office install that has been on my to-do list for the entire 15 months that I've lived here!)

It moved at lightning speed from there! 

One thing that helped is that I designed the room a year ago, using IKEA cabinets, which are in stock. I knew exactly what I needed.

I ordered the cabinets on Saturday.

They delivered them on Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday the cabinet installers were hard at work.

And in less than a week, this room that was for over a year a jumble of card tables and cardboard boxes, underwent an amazing transformation:

Nice, huh?

So it's going to be a few days before I can photograph it all loaded up. Gretchen helped me yesterday and we made this progress:


These are all the boxes of stuff that used to litter the floor of that room. Everything has been neatly stored into the cabinets and drawers.

But I still have this embarrassing scene in the hallway:

And a similar pile in the dining room.

I'm shooting for having it all put away by the end of the weekend, with the card tables and plastic drawers moved permanently to the storage room! (Good riddance!)

It's so great to have friends like Gretchen to give you a royal kick in the pants! Thanks, G!

And now, back to organizing!

(Honestly, who am I? Have I EVER said that before?)