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Spooky September: Jack-o-Cupcake Card!

One of the biggest selling features of the Sizzix Pop-up Dies is their versatility.

Sure, they make the cool thing pictured on the package . . .

... but with a little creativity you can also alter/cover/rob-the-mechanism and make them into something completely different.

And now for something completely different. 


My Spooky September card for today uses the Pop-up Cupcake die as a mechanism/platform to pop-up a giant jack-o-lantern.

  01 Card Closed

While perusing the Fresh Vintage Blog Hop projects for today I gasped in delight when I saw Jen Goode's project. I was thrilled to discover that I could purchase a digi stamp of her amazing illustrations from her Lil' Goodies online shop and promptly did so. 

02 Side View
For the front of the card, I first colored the digi stamp with Photoshop brushes, added a colored border and printed it on glossy photo paper. I also printed the "Boo" stamp. I used a thick needle to stitch a crooked random border using gorgeous baker's twine from The Twinery

03 Card Open

The card itself is made from two 6x8 pieces of Sizzix matboard, covered on the outside with a 8x12 strip of black cardstock and the inside with Bazzill patterned paper. 

04 Fence Close up

I die cut two of the pumpkins from orange cardstock and scored one of them for folding in the approximate center. Then I cut off the right side of that pumpkin about 3/8" away from the fold. After assembling the Pop-up Cupcake according to the package directions (you can also watch an online video class on this die here: OMC Pop-up Cupcake Class) I glued the left half of the pumpkin to the left half of the cupcake top, aligning the folds. I used the right side of the second pumpkin glued to the right half of the cupcake. I also die cut some fences from brown cardstock and glued them to the base.

05 Top View

From a top view you can (sort of) see how the pumpkin halves are attached to the cupcake. The important thing to remember is that everything on the right side (that slides behind the left side) has to be flat. Both button eyes are actually attached to the left half of the pumpkin. The bigger button is attached on its extreme left side using a glue dot. (the twine in the button holes is merely decorative.)

06 Partial closed

As the card closes the right side of the cupcake/pumpkin slides behind the left side and lays flat. The portion of fence glued behind the cupcake on the left side will raise up with the cupcake base and also lay flat.

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