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Spooky September - Introducing Rene Crow!

Shortly after I moved from Colorado to Texas, Bonnie met Rene and found out that they had paper crafts in common, including a passion for die cutting. It was not long before we recruited Rene into our team of pop-up enthusiasts and I was honored to have some of Rene's work on display at the last couple of trade shows.

Sadly for Bonnie, all of her crafty friends keep moving south. Rene now lives here in Texas and I am hoping, once the dust settles from her move, that we can meet in person!

What a thrilling mail day yesterday! Rene surprised me with some pop-up cards and gave me permission to photograph them and put them on my blog. She will have her own blog soon, but in the meantime I get to post her stuff here! Yippee!

Rene Halloween Spider
Rene's Halloween card features the Pop-up Spider/Web die, and I love how she made the web and spiders glittery! 

Gretchen got me hooked up with InLinkz to do those cool picture supply links like she has, so here is my first post using them:

I have been talking about how the Pop-up Bat and Pumpkin dies can be used for so much more than just bats and pumpkins. I love how Rene illustrates that with her homespun Thanksgiving card, using the Pop-up Pumpkin die as the body of the turkey and using those iconic "kid prints" as the feathers. So smart!

Rene Thanksgiving Card
The brown swirl accents are cut using the pumpkin vine, which is also on the die. What a great alternate use, Rene!

Here's the link to the pumpkin die:


Moving on through the holidays, Rene's final card uses one of my favorite dies from my first collection: the Spinning Platform. This die is completely generic and simply "spins" up an embellishment (or photo, or gift card) into a hovering position over the card fold, but without any folds in the embellishment. 

Rene Christmas Card
Rene decorated her card with medallions from the new Crown, Medallion & Scrolls Sizzlit set and they are delightfully sparkly in real life! 

Here are the links to the dies:

Thank you Rene for your awesome cards and for rocking my Sizzix Pop-up Dies!