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Spooky September - Gh-Gh-Gh-Gh-Ghost!

If you're looking for a great all-around pop-up die that can be used year-round for any character, look no further than the Pop-up Snowman die. He makes a great snowman, of course, but with a little creativity, you can turn him into anything! 

In honor of Spooky September, I thought I'd give him a costume and send him out Trick-or-Treating! 

Halloween Ghost Card

Products used:

Not Pictured: White fabric, Orange/green ribbon from my stash.


  1. Cut a 5.5" x 11" strip of black cardstock and fold it in half, making a 5.5" square card.
  2. Cut two 5.25" x 5.25" squares of Meadowlark paper and use the blending tool with both colors of Distress ink around the edges of the paper to distress them. Adhere them inside the card.
  3. Die cut the six body parts of the Pop-up Snowman die from white cardstock. Also die cut the base piece from white cardstock. Assemble the Snowman according to the PDF picture instructions or the YouTube video instructions, both can be found on the product page here: Pop-up Snowman die.
  4. Attach the finished snowman inside the card, with the base piece located about 1.5" from the front of the card (ish). In addition to a strong adhesive, I recommend using the Tiny Attacher to staple the base piece onto the card, locating the staples as close to the outer folds as possible. 
  5. Cut some scraps of black cardstock and glue them to the snowman's head in the approximate position of the eyes. 
  6. Cut a piece of white fabric for the ghost costume (Mine is roughly 6" x 6") and drape it over the snowman. Determine the location for the eyes and snip some holes, roughly, with scissors. Add some glue along the top of the snowman (avoid the mechanisms) and press the fabric to it, so it is now glued to the top of his head.
  7. Play with the card by opening and closing it to determine if the fabric needs to be trimmed, and/or tacked down. Mine is tacked down on the front of the snowman, near the bottom, and on the back of the snowman, near the bottom, leaving plenty of slack for the snowman to open and close underneath the fabric. (This step is truly a "wing it!" type of step!)
  8. Stamp the greeting and spider/web using black ink.
  9. For the front of the card, first add a Basic Grey magnet to the front of the card. Add another to the back of the card to keep it closed. (You may have to stack a second magnet on the back to increase the hold)
  10. Trim the 6x6 piece of Phantom paper to 5.25" x 5.25". Use both colors of Distress ink and the blending tool around the edges. Tie a coordinating piece of ribbon around the left edge of the paper before gluing to to the card.
  11. If desired, add a piece of paper to the back of the card to cover the magnet(s).
  12. The finished card can be mailed in a 6x6 envelope.

Here is an animated look at the card:



What other costumes could the snowman wear? I'd love to see what you can create with him!

The Pop-up Snowman die was featured on the Sizzix blog yesterday, so check out A Snowman for All Seasons to see even more ideas for using this versatile die!

(P.S. Gretchen surprised me yesterday with the 6x6 House of 3 Phantom paper pack, which made me squeal in delight! I could hardly wait to use it! Thanks, G!)