Oh My Crafts! *Free* Online Pop-up Class Friday June 3, 2011
Old habits are immortal. (aka "Boxhoarder, the sequel")

Link to Oh My Crafts! Pop-up Cupcake Video

Well that was fun! I filmed a live class for Oh My Crafts this noon. (OK, that sounds odd, but it's technically correct. We started at noon.) Here is what I made on air:

OMC Pop up Cupcake Card 6

You can watch the video here: Sizzix Pop-up Cupcake Card on Oh My Crafts!

And find a complete supply list with links here: Supply List/Links for Cupcake Card

In preparation for the class, I made a couple more samples using this die. This first one is the exact same card, switching only the color scheme to show the versatility of die cutting and the eClips.

Pink Happy Birthday Cupcake card

The pop-up cupcake die can be purchased in Oh My Crafts! online store: Pop-up Cupcake Die 

 Here's another quick sample, this time using the cupcake as something slightly different.

ME: (holding only the pop-up part - not the card or caption) John, what does this look like to you?

JOHN: (fearing that it was a trick question) Um . . . a blueberry muffin?

ME: YES! Yes! It IS a blueberry muffin! Bravo!

I said that last part in a tone resembling one I would use to congratulate a small child for putting their shoes on the right feet.

How About Coffee Card 
The stamp set I used on the above card is called Coffee4Two from The Stamps of Life.

Speaking of coffee, Gretchen and I are going to need a lot of it tomorrow . . . we're taking a road trip up to Arlington for the Great American Scrapbook Convention. Should be fun! Gretchen also helped with the show today, doing an awesome job with the camera! Thanks G!

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