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Video Tutorial: Zig Zag Pop-up Insert

Here is another video tutorial for the new Party Essentials dies. Today's tutorial features assembly instructions for the Card, Zig Zag 3-D Pop-up die as well as decorating using the Crown, Medallion & Scrolls Sizzlit set.

Zig zag and crown set

Here is the tutorial:


One of the cards shown on the video is a new one that I recently made:

Dragonfly card
Supply List: Sizzix die Zig Zag Pop-up , Stamps: The Stamps of Life (creations2fill, friends4ever, minis4circles), Cardstocks and matching inks: Stampin' Up!, Stash items: Rhinestones, ribbon, wire to reinforce back of vine)

Here are a couple of earlier blog posts on this die that you might also want to visit:

Zig-Zag die Preview

Pop-up Cards

Journey Pop-up Card

Well I've finished videos on the four new Bigz size dies. Now I'm moving on to the Bigz XL sized dies. Stay tuned for more videos this week!




Video Tutorial: Floating Frames die

Continuing (after a week of computer woes) my goal of uploading video tutorials for all the new Party Essentials pop-up dies, I present a tutorial on the Bigz Card w/Floating Frames die. This video also shows the Celebrate Sizzlit set, which fits the Floating Frames die perfectly.

657129 blog
657127 blog



This die has been very popular and is currently out of stock at I did find a few in stock at - here's the link: Floating Frames

Definitely check your local store first, though. We must support our local scrapbook stores!

In the video you'll see a couple of samples made by Gretchen. You can check out her blog here: my scrappiness

In other news . . . I love my new Mac! I found iMovie to be very intuitive and the editing process for this tutorial was actually faster than usual, even though I've never used the program before. Tra la la! 


Hello, Mac!

Oh go ahead and say "I told you so!"

I can take it.

I deserve it.

e-mail from HP this morning:

Dear Customer:

At HP our products are designed, manufactured and serviced, to meet our high standards.   

We apologize for the possible delay in delivery of your service; however, we are diligently working on expediting your order.

Well at least they're diligently working. There's that.

They've also had my dead laptop for this entire week and up until my wickedly expensive shopping trip of yesterday, those "high standards" had temporarily put me out of business.

I should probably muster up the energy to care.

Yeah. I should probably do that.

But wait! Something shiny!!

Check out the card that Gretchen brought over yesterday:

Gretchen card 1
Gretchen card 2

Thanks, Gretchen! I don't deserve YOU!

I'm still not completely back - this is my first Mac and I have to unlearn Windows. Plus, I have to switch platforms on all my programs, so that will take a while.

I also lost over a month's worth of files on the laptop, including my entire Powerpoint presentation for Creative Escape.


But wait! Something shiny!

<enormous grin>

Video Tutorial: Scalloped Circle Pop-up Insert

I am going to work on getting videos up for all the new Party Essentials dies over the course of the next two weeks.

First up - the Bigz Card, Scalloped Circle, 3-D (Pop-up) die. This die is so quick and easy that the entire video, from die cutting to decoration (plus showing four additional card ideas) is FOUR MINUTES LONG!


In preparation for the video I wanted to make two new cards. So, naturally, I made one new card. Heh.

At GASC a couple of weeks ago I went a little crazy in The Stamps of Life booth and came home with several new stamp sets.

Celebrate Ice Cream Card 
Supply List: Scalloped Circle Pop-up Die, Celebrate Sizzlit set, The Stamps of Life stamps (scream4icecream, monogram2build), Basic Grey patterned paper (Green at Heart), Creative Imaginations cherry brad (probably retired - stash item), Nicole Petersen Designs trim, stash items: cork, inks, cardstock, ribbon, rhinestones, beads

You might also want to revisit an earlier post on this die here: CHA Preview Scalloped Circle

Old habits are immortal. (aka "Boxhoarder, the sequel")

Back in the day, when my blog was funny and people left comments, I wrote about a particular problem I have with hoarding boxes.

If you have a little time to spend with me today, perhaps you would like to read that post and then rejoin me for this sequel. If you need further enticement, the original post includes my high school senior picture, and it's a doozy! Intrigued? Here ya go: 

I would like to say that the intervention of five years prior in a dark and box-filled basement storage room in Colorado was rock bottom for me, but . . . alas.

We've lived exactly one year in Katy, Texas. (For reals! Isn't that crazy?!)

And we don't have basements here.

But we do have a garage.

And in our case, a convenient carport with a handy side door that has allowed us to leave our garage haphazardly filled with random stuff that we don't want to figure out what to do with.

The conditions were just too perfect.

For a relapse:

Boxhoarder2 before

That, my friends, is one year of boxes. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that IS, in fact, a French Toast Sticks box at the very top. It's not even mailable, for goodness' sake!

I have a problem.

The first step is admitting it.

The second step is breaking down all these boxes and hauling them to the curb for recycling.

That second step has been, shall we say, daunting.

Recently I found Karl googling "How to stop procrastinating" when he was supposed to be doing something else.

Let's pause and appreciate the irony, shall we?

(The apple barely even clears the tree!)

Every Monday I step around the box pile to take out the trash and the recycle bins, which are filled with an assortment of newspapers, milk jugs, glass jars, cans and plastics, but never any boxes. I can't really say what it was about today that made me consider tackling the boxes.

Perhaps it was the pressing deadlines that I'm not sure I'll meet. (apple, tree)

Perhaps it was a recent disagreement with John in which my box pile was not-so-delicately mentioned.

Perhaps it was a desire to feel successful.

Whatever it was, I stood looking at the pile of boxes and thought "How about now?"and dove in.

Worried that I would not finish before the recycling truck rolled up, and feeling the temperature creep up at what seemed to be one degree per box, I called in a reinforcement. Emma has to work off the cost of a lost textbook and agreed to help me for reduction in her bill. After a half an hour she renogotiated for a higher price and I willingly agreed.

We hauled every last one of them to the curb. I didn't keep even one box!

Here is Emma, standing where the pile used to be, with an expression that clearly communicates: "I need air conditioning and will you take the picture already, Mom?! Geez!"

Boxhoarder2 emma 
And here are the fruits of our labors, all ready for the truck, which rolled up just now as I was typing and the piles are gone. GONE, I say!

 Boxhoarder2 after

Am I cured?

Probably not, but at least for today . . . you can't call me Boxhoarder!


Link to Oh My Crafts! Pop-up Cupcake Video

Well that was fun! I filmed a live class for Oh My Crafts this noon. (OK, that sounds odd, but it's technically correct. We started at noon.) Here is what I made on air:

OMC Pop up Cupcake Card 6

You can watch the video here: Sizzix Pop-up Cupcake Card on Oh My Crafts!

And find a complete supply list with links here: Supply List/Links for Cupcake Card

In preparation for the class, I made a couple more samples using this die. This first one is the exact same card, switching only the color scheme to show the versatility of die cutting and the eClips.

Pink Happy Birthday Cupcake card

The pop-up cupcake die can be purchased in Oh My Crafts! online store: Pop-up Cupcake Die 

 Here's another quick sample, this time using the cupcake as something slightly different.

ME: (holding only the pop-up part - not the card or caption) John, what does this look like to you?

JOHN: (fearing that it was a trick question) Um . . . a blueberry muffin?

ME: YES! Yes! It IS a blueberry muffin! Bravo!

I said that last part in a tone resembling one I would use to congratulate a small child for putting their shoes on the right feet.

How About Coffee Card 
The stamp set I used on the above card is called Coffee4Two from The Stamps of Life.

Speaking of coffee, Gretchen and I are going to need a lot of it tomorrow . . . we're taking a road trip up to Arlington for the Great American Scrapbook Convention. Should be fun! Gretchen also helped with the show today, doing an awesome job with the camera! Thanks G!

OMC Button2


Oh My Crafts! *Free* Online Pop-up Class Friday June 3, 2011

I will be back live on the Oh My Crafts UStream Channel teaching this project on Friday, June 3, 2011 at Noon, CST. (1 pm EST, 11 am MST, 10 am PST) (Arizona and internationals will just have to do their own math!)

OMC Pop up Cupcake Card 6 
The class is recorded LIVE from my studio (which is currently messy times a million, so I have some cleaning to do) and features a chat room where you can ask me questions. If you cannot tune in for the live show, no worries - it will be recorded and archived on the Oh My Crafts UStream Channel for viewing at any time.

Everything for the above project can be purchased in the Oh My Crafts Online Store. Here are the links, in case you want to get a shopping cart started before the show.

Sizzix Machines Used:

Vagabond Machine:

eClips Machine and starter cartridge:


Sizzix Dies Used:

Bigz XL Cupcake Pop-up, by Karen Burniston:

Bigz XL Card,A2 w/Decorative Edge by Brenda Pinnick:

Bigz Flower Layers #9 by Eileen Hull:

Texture Fade Dot Matrix folder by Tim Holtz:


Bazzill Monochromatic Java:

Bazzill Bling String of Pearls:

Bazzill Grasscloth Atlantic:


Patterned Paper:

Bo Bunny “Gabrielle” Collection:



Beacon Zip Dry Glue:

OMC Tacky Tape, ¼”:



Mark Richards Nailheads, light blue:


General Craft:

20” sheer ribbon, small brown button and coordinating floss


Hope to see you there! Here's the link again: Oh My Crafts UStream Channel