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The remains on the desk . . . pop-up spider/web card!

It would be nice to say that after every project I tidy up my workspace and return items to their proper spots.

It would be nice to say that.

It would not be entirely accurate to say that.

It would not be remotely accurate to say that!

Since I had used pipe cleaners, googly eyes and the pop-up bat die on my last project . . . those items were naturally sitting out on the table, making it easy to just whip up another option for turning the bat into a spider, this time inside the Scoreboard Memo Holder die.

Spider Memo Holder 
This time I cut six body parts from the Pop-up Bat die, using black cardstock. Assemble in the normal manner and glue it inside the Memo Holder. (The Memo Holder itself was cut from white matboard that I spray-adhesived a piece of patterned paper to on the outside and daubered pewter paint on the inside) You'll only need two pipe cleaners for this spider, each cut in half so you have four pieces. Slide a piece through a body part and snuggy it up under the fold. No need for adhesive . . . they'll stay put if you snuggy them. (It's a technical term)

I also used the Pop-up Spiderweb die, with the outermost ring removed to make it fit inside the card. I cut the web from white felt and then daubered it (another technical term) with pewter Luminarte paint. Stamp a greeting, add some ribbon, and you're done-y done done.

The spider on the front is a pre-made embellishment and a loop of elastic wrapped around a brad keeps the card closed.

Supply List:
Sizzix: Pop-up Bat by me, Pop-up Spiderweb by me, Scoreboard Memo Holder, by Eileen Hull, white matboard
Patterned paper; Doodlebug
Premade spider (front): Basic Grey
Luminarte paint: Creative Imaginations
Cardstock: Core'dinations
General craft/source unknown: googly eyes, ribbon, brad, pipe cleaners, elastic, felt, stamp, ink

Halloween bats and spiders, oh my!

 A fun feature of the Pop-up Pumpkin and Pop-up Bat dies is that they can be used to make 3D ornaments, not just pop-up cards. Since both dies are steel-rule, they will cut a variety of materials, including felt:

Felt Bat Ornament

Felt Spider 
I used stiff glitter felt from Michaels for both the bat and the spider. Each uses 8 body parts cut with the Pop-up Bat die. I cut off all the tabs since the felt is too thick for the tabs to wrap around anyway. Instead, I used a mini-stapler in place of the tabs, but otherwise assembled as usual, following the package instructions. A stapled-on bit of cording and googly eyes complete the bat, and googly eyes and four pipe cleaners (cut in half) finish off the spider.

Quick and easy!

Pop-up Snow Angel Card using Bat & Pumpkin bodies

How's THAT for a post title, eh? I mean, it's a few days until Halloween and I just made a Christmas card. I am officially as bad as  . . . well . . . every store on the planet.

There's a story behind this snow angel. Do you want to hear it?

Tough. I'm telling it anyway. Heh.

About a year ago I went to a holiday craft fair one Saturday with Bonnie, Holle and Tara. This would be my last holiday craft fair with my Colorado girlfriends (if you haven't heard . . . I moved to Texas) and I was enjoying every minute of it.

One booth caught my eye and about an hour of my time. A woman was selling handmade snowman ornaments in every theme imaginable. They were adorable! I wanted to buy about a million snowmen but had to settle for two: a Colorado Rockies baseball snowman ornament for my mom, and a snowman angel ornament for me. I loved that little angel. It had silver wings, stick arms, a candle, and a white dove atop its head.

That snowman angel ornament never saw the tree.

That snowman angel ornament never saw Sunday.

That snowman angel ornament met a grisly demise much like my green pillow:


I walked unsuspectingly into the living room to a horrific scene; my beloved angel snowman ornament was dismembered, shredded, and strewn all over the floor. A Puggle named Lucy (occasionally referred to as "Lucy-fer") was also in the room, looking slightly bored and not a bit guilty.

I let out a ghastly shriek of agony.

Am I saying it was the sound of ultimate suffering?

A sound like the one Inigo Montoya's heart made when his father was murdered by Count Rugen?

A sound like the one Westley made in the Pit of Despair?

That sound?

YES! That sound. I am saying that.

I gathered up the silver wings, stick arms (one still clutching the candle) and little dove and, with sobs of sorrow, tucked them into an embellishment case . . . determined to one day honor my little angel ornament by re-creating it in a pop-up card.

That day is today.

Snow Angel Card 

To make this snowman, I used the bodies of the Pop-up Pumpkin and Pop-up Bat dies. At their core both of these dies are just round balls that pop-up, so by changing out the accessories with other items, you can use them to make any number of other things.

Here's a close-up of my angel:


Supply list:
Sizzix dies to create Snowman: Pop-up Pumpkin, Pop-up Bat
Patterned Papers: Crate Paper "Snow Day"
Hardware for closure: Ace Hardware
Wings, arms, dove: Remains of ornament (a moment of silence, please)
Cardstock:  Core'dinations
Matboard: Sizzix
Snowflake metal charms: Making Memories (circa a million years ago)
Letter stickers, Luminarte sprays (to change the charms to bright colors): Creative Imaginations
Slot punch (to pull fiber "scarf" through): Stampin' Up!
Corner Rounder: Zutter
General craft/source unknown: fibers, brads, buttons, felt (for carrot nose), fibers (for scarf)

Halloween Pop-up Card - Pumpkin & Bat

Photos and general instructions for this card can be found on the Sizzix blog here: Halloween Pop Up Card

Chandelier Card 
Supply List:

Sizzix Bigz Pop-up Pumpkin Die, by Karen Burniston
Sizzix Bigz Pop-up Bat Die, by Karen Burniston
Sizzix Bigz Chandelier Die, by Rachael Bright
Sizzix Black Matboard

Creative Imaginations Luminarte Sprays: Ginger Peach, Pewter
My Mind's Eye Papers & Punch-outs: Haunted and Meadowlark
Little Yellow Bicycle Paper: Boo-ville
Stampin' Up! Slot punch, McGill Foldover Tab punch, Ranger Stickles, Fancy Pants paper for pumpkin body, Core'dinations cardstock for bat body, Colorbox ink, Basic Grey magnets

General Craft/Source unknown: webbing, chain, brads, rhinestones, spider, ribbons, stamp, buttons

Check out Lynda!

My dear friend Lynda has a blog where she's posting a new project EVERY DAY! That's gumption, girl!

Here's a link to her clever take on the pop-up Pumpkin die: Something Created Everyday - Haunted Halloween Card

Love it!

Oooh! And I'm scrolling through her older posts and finding additional clever gems using the pop-up Pumpkin die

Something Created Everyday - Paper Ornament

Something Created Everyday - Felt Christmas Ornament

Something Created Everyday - Completed Global Card

And then, as if she wasn't already impressing the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of me, i find this googly-eyed masterpiece using the Spinning Platform die!

Something Created Everyday - Hocus Pocus Card

<--- Isn't this nifty? The Blog Hop nav buttons! (WERNS)

Our Sizzix Blog Hop is starting soon - Thursday, November 4th to be exact - and we're busy gearing up! Sixty designers will be posting projects using the same die on the same day. This will go on every Thursday until we've showcased seven dies, ending on December 16th.

Can't look at 60 blogs in a day? No worries! The projects aren't going anywhere - they'll be on the participants' blogs throughout their featured week and beyond, so just check them out at your leisure.

And to make navigating the hop easy on everyone, both participants and viewers, we've enlisted the help of designer, friend and web guru Jen Goode who conceptualized and created the WEb Ring Navigation System (or WERNS, as I've just coined it) that you see at the upper left of my sidebar. You'll see this same image showing up on our designers' blogs over the next couple of weeks. You'll be able to easily hop forward and back, or jump off the ring at any time and go back to the master list by clicking the image or the center "Sizzix" button.

With 60 busy designers, there may be some weeks that a few designers won't be able to post a new project. By using the WERNS, you'll be able to hop on, without any breaks in the ring.

Another cool thing? You can start hopping anywhere on the ring! Got a favorite designer? Start there. Not sure? Start at the Sizzix blog and pick a name at random from the list. Not good at picking randomly? We'll provide a button every Thursday during the hop on the Sizzix blog that will plop you randomly somewhere on the ring. FUN!

We are SO GRATEFUL to Jen for all of her help and expertise. Do you hear a choir of angels when you say her name? I do! Thanks, Jen (choir of angels) Goode!

Edited to Add: Bonnie just posted a couple fun things using the Pop-up Bat and Pop-up Pumpkin dies on her blog: here. Thanks, Bon!

Spooky Spiders Flip Card

A supply list and general instructions for this card are on the Sizzix blog HERE.

Spooky Spiders Flip Card 
Sizzix Dies Used: Pop-up Spiderweb, Bats TI Folder, Chip Block alphabet


Tara Noel posted a cool invitation using the spiderweb die on her blog: T'art, Tara's Art

Gretchen hung some 3D bats in her doorway here: it's gettin' batty up in here

RKQOTD (KARL: Hey Mom, did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte, in his spare time - I mean, when he wasn't thinking about world domination - used to like to write? He wrote a palindrome.)