Tina Scissorhands
CHA-S 2010 Sizzix Pop-up Dies Sneak Peek

Lordy Lordy . . .

John came home the other day and announced that he had taken Friday off from work, arranged for friends to watch the kids, and made dinner reservations at a swanky restaurant to celebrate my birthday.

Well played!

Yesterday on his way out the door he said "Enjoy the last day of your thirties!"

Not so well played, but at least he remembered!

And then this morning . . .



In our new house we have this obscenely long vanity in the master bathroom. It's so big that we can have a kid lay down on the counter between the two sinks to have eardrops put in their ears, like our own little operating table.

But the toothpaste has been an issue.

Because John has complained in the past that while *he* always places the toothpaste in the center of the obscenely long vanity, *I* normally forget and leave it by my sink. And this means he has to take five entire steps across the bathroom to retrieve it. Very inconsiderate, he says.

But then last week he gave me mad props for remembering to center the toothpaste, and it's always nice to have your efforts appreciated.

Today I forgot to center the toothpaste.

I was having an internal pity party about not being wished "Happy Birthday" and left *gasp* the toothpaste *horror* by my sink.

With exaggerated huffing, John walked across the bathroom and grabbed it.

After a while he said:

JOHN: So are you excited about going to dinner tonight?

ME: Oh! So you remembered dinner, then?

JOHN: (looking confused, then sheepish) Oh! Happy Birthday!

ME: I just didn't want you thinking that the toothpaste was the biggest oversight of the morning.

JOHN: (laughing) Isn't "Happy Birthday" implied, though? I mean, do you really have to *say* it? Do we say "Merry Christmas" to each other?

ME: (in my best David Spade voice) We kinda do!

Today is simply packed! Leaving tomorrow for CHA and not totally ready. And by "totally" I really mean "remotely". It will all get done, though, because somehow it always does.

We're heading out for Emma's Band Camp concert in a few, but upon return I will put up a sneak peek of the six new pop-up dies that are being released at the show, so stay tuned for that.