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Scoreboard Blog Hop - Rectangle Box

Well I'm back from the excruciating 3-day househunting trip. We did make an offer on a house and will find out tonight if it is accepted. Please remind me never to move again, ever!

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday. He's a man of many tools, so Sears Craftsman Gift Cards were the perfect gift for him. I also wanted a neat way to present the gift cards, and since I knew that this week's Scoreboard Blog Hop die would be the Rectangle Box, a tool box leapt right to mind.

And there (in mind) has it sat since last week because I didn't have time to make the darn thing!

I had to e-mail Dad and say that his gift would be late.


But today, while listening to a new roof being installed on our house (you're welcome, future new owners!), I was able to make my little tool box gift card holder for Dad. I'm joining the Blog Hop very late, but here it is:

(Click to make it bigger)

Tool Box Gift Card Holder

I found the mini tools in the dollhouse aisle at Hobby Lobby. I also found the hinges and clasp there. The rest of the supplies are from my stash: rub-ons, cardstock, glossy accents, elastic, brads, and leather cording.

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RKQOTD (Emma: rooting through freezer WHERE ARE THE MINI-PANCAKES? I BET YOU ATE THEM ALL, KARL!! Me: They're in the corner of the freezer - look again. Emma: finding them Harrumph! Me: Emma, you accused your brother of something he didn't do. Apologize and get on with life. Emma: begrudgingly Sorry. Karl: She's probably stereotyping me. Me: Stereotyping you? Karl: Yeah, because I usually eat all the pancakes.)

Pop-up House Card: Don't Mess with New Texans!

Well if you've been wondering where I've been and have assumed that I'm trapped under something heavy, you'd be right! Texas is heavy, yo!

Update on the Colorado Springs house . . . no takers yet. Bother.

Anyone want to move to lovely Colorado Springs and buy a Keller in D20 with a custom kitchen and built-in craft room? Anyone? Bueller?

In press news, Keller Homes built one of the houses for Extreme Makeover, Home Edition and my craft room was featured in the June 2006 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. See? Very press-worthy features to this home. You know you want it! (I know I do, but alas, we must depart)

The Pikes Peak views are quite nice, as well. Here's what it looks like today:

Ravenel Dr Views

Regarding the other end of this relocation, John and I are heading to Houston this weekend to put in an offer on a house. We get to stay with our friends, Geoff and Tammy, who are closing on their new house today or tomorrow. It is a beauty, their new house! They chose wisely!

I'm taking a risk here, because they may read my blog, but hopefully they'll be too busy with closing and moving in furniture to be doing much surfing. I had a blast making a Texas-inspired housewarming card to go with their gift:

(Click to make it bigger)

New Texans Card

This card uses two of my dies: Pop-up House and Pop-up Tree

Now if you want the Pop-up Tree, you're going to need to act very quickly, because it's been discontinued. The link above is to the Sizzix Outlet, where you'll find it for the bargain basement price of SIX DOLLARS! (Run, run!) It's a great tree to use flat, too, as you see in the above card, where I've merely stuck it to the back of the house. 

And now I must, once again, fade into obscurity for another week. I've got my house to sell, a new house to buy, classes and dies to design, and, channeling Prince Humperdink; my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it . . . I'm swamped!

RKQOTD (Emma: Oh man! I just dropped my cookie on the floor and now it's all crumbly! Me: Well you know what they say . . . that's the way the cookie crumbles! Karl: Actually it's the presence of water vapor inside the cookie that is released by impact. John: Yeah, Karen - THAT'S the way the cookie crumbles!)