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Happy Birthday to John! (Also, cleaning is killing me!)

Pop-up Cards with Tim Holtz dies (Volume 1)

Yes, I'm calling these cards "Volume 1" because there are going to be a lot more coming! The Tim Holtz Alterations collection is shipping now, and there's not a dud in the bunch. These are some seriously cool dies, yo! Like, you'll want them all. Just sayin'!

You can learn more about the following three cards, including full supply lists and descriptions of how I combined the pop-up dies with the new TH dies on the Sizzix Blog - but you have to scroll down to February 2nd. I can't direct link to it (sorry) so you'll just have to scroll, but in positive news, you'll see a lot of other cool projects as you scroll!

You're an Angel Card Tim Holtz

You Make my Heart Sing TH

Sweet Emma Purse Card

I got a chance to meet Tim Holtz and business manager Mario Rossi at the Stitches trade show in the UK. I kept my cool and didn't make a fool of myself at all. There was no school girl giggling. There was absolutely no gushing and I did not, I repeat DID NOT, jump up and down and clap like a seal. I did not ask if I could get a picture with Tim and then become freakishly protective of my camera lest someone would accidentally delete it. None of that happened, so I can't think WHERE you heard such ridiculous rumors.

Me and TH

*giggle* *CLAP* *ARF* *CLAP* *giggle*