It's a VERY good day . . .
Scoreboard Blog Hop - Scalloped Box Pop-up Gift Card Holder

In the words of an Apollo 13 astronaut . . .


 Only I would change it to:

"Hey Houston, you're creating a problem here." - Karen Burniston

Look, it's not anything against Houston per se. I've made peace with the move. It wouldn't have been my first choice to leave Colorado, but doors close, windows open, clouds have silver linings, yada yada yada.

But "Houston" now encompasses:

  • Selling a house (with repair/touch-ups and keep-it-clean and vacate-for-showings and keep-the-dog-from-messing-up-the-stuff-we've-already-done and make-the-kids-eat-snacks-outside)
  • Buying a house (deciding the area, schools, pool-or-no-pool, new-or-not-new, commute, etc.)
  • Paperwork related to both above items (SO MUCH PAPERWORK!)
  • Reassuring two children that we are not trying to ruin their lives

And so naturally my work is suffering BIG TIME! Like, I'm so far behind that I've encircled the globe and am actually looking at my behind. Heh. Die designs and class designs and video tutorials and website stuff and unanswered e-mails and blog posts . . . all stacking up to a pile the size of, you guessed it; HOUSTON!

Kids in houston

We went down there last week for Spring Break. My Mom came with us, too. It was two days of house hunting and two days of goofing off/sightseeing.

To truly appreciate Karl's expression in the above photo you would have to see the movie "Bowfinger" and fast forward to Eddie Murphy (in the geeky brother role) saying "Awesome!"

Emma was a fan of the Johnson Space Center. She was thoroughly impressed with being able to see the green Mission Control room and found the whole tour fascinating. While we expected Karl to also enjoy the tour, he surprised us by answering "Lunch" when asked to describe his favorite part of the Space Center day. Huh. Didn't expect that!

But somehow through all the chaos I have managed to make a few things. The Scoreboard Blog Hop starts tomorrow, so be sure to check back for that.

I also got to take a recent Sunday afternoon off from the craziness and spend some time with my friend Nanette and her group of Stampin' Up! enthusiasts. I taught everyone how to make the Pop-up Cake. Nanette designed the front of the card and made the color choices, but everyone got to customize their cards. It was a fun day! 

Nanette cake crowd

SU Wedding Cake Nanette
All supplies Stampin' Up! except matboard (Sizzix) and Velcro (craft store)

And then one last thing to share before diving into my HSTDL (Houston-Sized To-Do List).

I can "see" cards in my head before I make them. I can "see" the cards even when making product choices. When I came across the Eggcellent Eggs Kit in the SU! Occasions Mini catalog I immediately knew that the die-cut egg stands would work wonderfully as cake tiers. And so I bought it.

Months ago.

And it sat, and it sat, and it sat-sat-sat-sat!

So before Easter came and went, I figured I'd better make my Easter Cake Card.

And then I got another vision!

What if I built the cake like this: small tier/medium tier/small tier - wouldn't it look like an egg?! Brilliant! Genius! I have such vision!!!

So I used my precious Eggcellent Eggs Kit to construct my "egg" and guess what?

It looked nothing like an egg.

Not. Even. Close.

"John, does this look like an egg?"


"What if you squint?"

"Still no."


I did my best to salvage the card and turn it into an Easter basket with one giant egg inside, but I would have to say that I don't "see" things quite so well as I thought I did. Just sayin'!

SU Easter Basket Card
All supplies Stampin' Up! except matboard (Sizzix) and Velcro (craft store)

Buzz banana

RKQOTD (Emma: I just love "Buzz Banana" - my space-traveling stuffed monkey! Mimi: It was a great choice for a souvenir - you've adopted him and now he has his forever home! Karl: Actually, he'll eventually end up at Goodwill like everything else.)