Pop-up Cards with Tim Holtz dies (Volume 1)
Pop-up Birthday Card (Tim Holtz) with Tutorial

Happy Birthday to John! (Also, cleaning is killing me!)

We have realtors coming to the house this week and the only room that is still in a state of disaster is my office. (Surprise!)

But geez - cleaning is dangerous, yo! First I tried to dump my trashcan only to find a wad of stuck-on hardened gum on the bottom. I tried using my fingernails to release it, but it was stuck like, well, gum! So then I grabbed the closest sharp object - my craft scissors - and put a lot of force against the mound. A lot of force with the right hand while the left hand held the trash can stable, directly across from the scissors . . .

Uh huh.

Neosporin and band-aid on finger #1.

Moving on to a less-dangerous activity, I decided to clean out the drawer that's directly below my work area. This is the drawer where I toss all the oft-used tools and supplies, very haphazardly. Reaching to the back to do a bulldozer-action with all the stuff in the drawer, I discovered two loose Xacto blades that had fallen out of the safety container.

Uh huh.

Neosporin and band-aid on finger #2.

And yet I'm braving the pain to type this blog post. I think the word you're looking for is "She-ro".

But I have to say Happy Birthday to John, because 40 is a big deal, yo! Not that I know, of course, being much, much younger. (When I was born, John was already 5-months-old! I think the word you're looking for is "pervy". Heh.)

We celebrated John's birthday last week, while his Mom was still in town. Her birthday was yesterday, and it was a milestone number for her as well. In addition to new Wii games, I also got John a bottle of Old Spice bodywash, in honor of our favorite commercial: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like I went with "Swagger", which smells pretty nice, ladies!

And also in honor of John's birthday, I'm changing the Random Kid Quote of the Day to Random John Quote of the Day.

RJQOTD (John: Look at that license plate frame in front of us: "I live for David Archuletta". Are you kidding me? Who buys something like that and puts it on their car? Me: Obviously a fan of David Archuletta. John: But someone had to MAKE that! They had to think "here's something that will sell . . ." and produce them, put them on a website for sale . . .  Me: Hey, the guy's got his fans and you can't begrudge him that. Don't be so superior! John: grins It's hard not to be superior when I'm better than everyone else. Me: Yes, it must be quite a burden.)

Happy Birthday Mr. Burniston!