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Stampin' Up! Heart Sculpture Tree card

Happy New Year! (Get a cake!)

Last evening John and I caught "When Harry met Sally" on TV. When it was over, I handed the remote to John and started to get up.

JOHN: You're leaving? All done with TV?

ME: Yeah. I want to finish a New Year's card I started today.

JOHN: What's it for?

ME: Nothing, really. Just a sample to put on my blog. I haven't made a New Year's card in ages, so I thought it would be fun. I'm using the cake.


ME: (puzzled) Yeah . . . the cake.

JOHN: No, no, it makes sense; nothing screams "New Year" quite like cake.

And now you must imagine that the following conversation is happening over the top of each other. We were both speaking at the same time.

ME: Hey, it's a celebration!

JOHN: I mean, when I go to a New Year's party the first thing I say is "Where's the cake?"

ME: It's the birthday of the Baby New Year! This baby gets only one birthday, then ages into an old man over the course of a year. I think the baby deserves his ONE AND ONLY CAKE!

JOHN: It wouldn't be New Years if we weren't eating cake.

ME: People make cakes for all types of celebrations. Cake = celebration!

JOHN: Whenever I see a cake I say "Hey? Is it New Years?"

ME: Tomorrow IS New Years, and it will be the last day of the DECADE! That's cause for celebration!

And suddenly there was a simultaneous pause. We looked at each other - me with righteous indignation and him with a comical smirk.

JOHN: We've got to get a cake.

*sigh* It's so difficult when your art is misunderstood.

Nonetheless, I ignored my vision-less husband and completed my NEW YEAR'S CAKE card. I used shiny round confetti pieces, attached to the cake using a paper tagger that I forgot I had. That thing is nifty! To suspend the year high above the cake I attached it to a scrap of plastic. Everything else is just flourishes, doodles, confetti and white rub-on letters.

(Click to make it bigger)

New Years Card

Sizzix dies used: Pop-up Cake, Scalloped Circle, Swirly

I've pretty much switched to thick "river" cards when making the cake now.If you'll look at the side view above, It allows the cake tiers to stay rounded when the card is closed. This reduces the "almond" or "footballing" when the cake pops up. I've also fallen in love with my paper crimper for the side tiers. The crimping really lessens the appearance of those folds, too.

Happy New Years! (And do please eat some cake!)

RKQOTD (Karl: I think it would be nice to have my stomach rubbed. Emma: after a confused pause You mean if you were a dog? Karl: Well, yeah!)