Pop-up Flower Pot (with the cake die)
Video Tutorial: Bigz XL 3D Snowman Die

Video Tutorial: Bigz 3D Snowflake Die

OK, I'm trying out something new here: the amateur (emphasis on amateur) video tutorial for the pop-up dies.

Todays tutorial is for the new Bigz 3D Snowflake Die.

I've split the footage into five video segments and they're each somewhere between 2-4 minutes in length. You'll need about 15 minutes to watch the entire tutorial. (So grab some popcorn! It's a comedy!)

VIDEO #1: Die Cutting the Base

VIDEO #2: Attaching Snowflakes to the Base

VIDEO #3: Building 4-Flake Sculptures

VIDEO #4: Building Larger Sculptures

VIDEO #5: Decorated Samples

EDITED TO ADD DOWNLOAD LINKS: If the media players above don't open automatically, try downloading the segments and playing them on whatever media player you have.

Download Snowflake Tutorial 1

Download Snowflake Tutorial 2

Download Snowflake Tutorial 3

Download Snowflake Tutorial 4

Download Snowflake Tutorial 5

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