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Tara on Terror

My friend and designer Tara Noel has put her mad (and deliciously morbid) skills to work with the Sizzix pop-up dies to make a series of Halloween cards! And until she caves to the massive pressure I've been exerting on her to start her own blog, I get to share her work on mine. Hmmm, maybe I should stop nagging her! Heh.

This first card uses the Pop-up All Seasons Tree in a very clever way - the foliage has been turned sideways and decorated as a ghost! Ooooooh!

Tara Ghost Tree Card

I also love the way Tara wove in additional die cut branches on the tree and embossed the base card with a Textured Impressions folder.

This next card uses the Pop-up Cake die, turned upside-down (use the Flower Pot Tutorial instructions available in the left sidebar to build the cake upside-down) and decorated as a cauldron.

Tara Cauldron Card

The green brew is very textural and I love the wire hanger atop the cauldron. The flourishes are Sizzix dies as well as the Textured Impression folder for the base paper. 

This next idea is shown two ways - turning the Pop-up Cake die into a witch hat. The first idea is to leave it unfolded and use it for a party favor or place card. The second is how it looks in a card.

Tara Witch Hat Favor

 Tara Witch Hat Card

Thanks Tara! You're a true artist and I'm honored that you use my dies. MWAH!