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14 years + 2 days

My wedding anniversary was two days ago but it's been a jam-packed couple of days, so I didn't get a chance to post.

Fourteen years (and two days) and he still keeps me laughing.

A couple of weeks ago we got our first cold snap. I was warm on the couch under my Snuggie (see this post for Snuggie history) but John seemed chilly. He asked if the pilot light on the fireplace was lit. It wasn't, but I jumped up and lit it, because really, you feel almost guilty for your warmth and happiness in a Snuggie when so much of the world (including your husband) is going without.

I love watching TV stretched out on the floor, pillow behind my head, in front of the fireplace. This was my first opportunity in several months, so I gleefully grabbed my pillow and started to get comfy when somehow (and don't ask me how because I don't know) I managed to brush the top of my bare toes against the glass on the fireplace.

There was a sizzle heard round the world.

OK, perhaps that was an exaggeration, but I did burn the top of a toe and it hurt like crazy, yo!

ME:  Owww! Oooooooh! Owwwwww! I burnt my foot! Owwwwww!

JOHN: Put some ice on it.

I'm not sure at what year of marriage the ship-of-fetching-ice-for-your-burnt-foot-wife sails, but apparently it has, indeed, sailed. I hobbled to the fridge, put some ice in a baggie, and hobbled back to the couch.

ME: Well at least it hurts. That's a good sign, right? Only first degree burns hurt.

JOHN: Actually, I think second degree burns hurt, too. Is it blistering?

ME: Let me look. (wince) Ouch. (wince) I can't tell. It's just all red and throbby. I'll keep icing it.

And then we settled in to watching our shows. I was, of course, fidgeting and adjusting my ice pack throughout the next hour. There was probably some light whimpering, too. Did I mention that it HURT?!

ME: (removing the ice pack) I just don't get it. It's been an hour with constant ice and this thing still hurts like crazy. I mean, what IS that?!

JOHN: (looking very concerned) Is it . . .

. . . wussiness?

Now in the sitcom-version of this story the Karen-character would have shot him a withering look, but the real-life Karen-character burst out laughing. Because he's funny, that's why!

The other night we had "search the fridge and eat whatever looks still edible" leftover night and John and Karl were splitting the remains of the tortilla soup. With apparently no regard for leeching plastic or proper microwave usage, John heated up the leftovers in a plastic container with the lid sealed tight. I knew nothing of this until I walked into the kitchen just as he removed the steaming hot container and proceeded to peel up the lid.

JOHN:  Owww! Oooooooh! Owwwwww! That steam is hot! (shaking hand in the air) Yow- hey! Why are you smiling?

ME: Oh, was I? Sorry. I was just thinking of what they call those steam burns. I think they're called . . . wussiness! (comic pause) BAZINGA!

JOHN: The "bazinga" was implied.

We actually celebrated our anniversary last Friday night, when Better than Ezra was playing up in Denver. We used to go see BTE in college, when they'd play at bars in New Orleans. In fact, standing in the audience, feeling like the only people older than me were the band members themselves, who, naturally, still look young and hip, I was transported back nearly 20 years, dancing and singing along at the Howlin' Wolf. And I actually can't remember a single time that I saw BTE play without John there. In general we have different tastes in music - I'm "Sirius Hits One" and he's "Lithium" - but we have BTE and Indigo Girls in common. We had "The Power of Two" play at our wedding.

We decided not to do presents this year, but I couldn't resist a gag gift. Karl and I went to Walgreens and picked John out a leopard-print Snuggie of his very own. Because I know how unmercifully his friends would tease him, I have elected (out of love) not to take any incriminating photos of the Snuggie in use, but let's just say . . . it was really cold last night (there's snow on the ground this morning) and there was quite a lot of good Thursday-night TV. Just sayin'!

Here's the card I made for him:

(click to make it bigger)Snuggie Anniversary Card

I guess I can still make him laugh, too!

John card blog

John snuggie

RKQOTD (Karl: Hey Mom - I heard about a study they did on dogs and pet owners to determine how many germs there are when a dog licks you. Apparently there are a lot more germs and bacteria on a human's skin than in a dog's mouth. Me: Oh really? Karl: Yeah, so the one that really ought to be scared is the dog!)