Two more SU! O Christmas Tree cards
14 years + 2 days

Stampin' Up project - Box full o' trees!

There is some sort of explosion box fever going around, methinks! I keep this little box of ideas above my computer. I scrawl little things I might want to try on scraps of paper and post-it notes and then shove them in the box. And then, naturally, I never ever look in the box, because I forget it's there.

But one of the little notes in the box was to make a box - an explosion box - and put a pop-up on each of the four folds so that they would all explode open together. Only I never tried it, because I forgot all about that idea.

And then Holle mentioned a cool explosion box project that Kirsteen made with the tree in the center, which made me think about my idea because I needed to make a SU! project to be a door prize at a charity crop on Saturday. But I knew that the trees were going to crash into each other when the box was closed unless I made a ginormous box, and really - who would want to win a giant explosion box as a door prize?

Good ideas don't die, though, they fester!

Because on Monday Bonnie and I went to the craft store and I saw a box with tapered sides, which got me thinking that if I made my explosion box with tapered sides, then the trees wouldn't have to fold as far into the box, which might just mean that I could get four of them in a reasonably-sized box.

It worked on the first try, yo! This box measures 6x6 at the bottom, 7.75x7.75 at the top, and is 6 inches tall. I made the box out of mat board so it would be sturdy and then covered it with patterned paper and cardstock.

(click to make it bigger)SU Four Trees in a Box 

All of the trees are made with half Old Olive and half Always Artichoke. I wanted a consistent color palette, (nothing too wild or crazy, since this is for a prize) so I chose to decorate them all with variations of white, silver, and a touch of red. A little mini light strand spans from tree to tree, making it look exactly like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree lot (minus the sad little tree, which I totally would have added if this weren't for someone else who may or may not share my weird sense of humor)

So that's my box. Thanks to Kirsteen who (unbeknownst to her) inspired me to dig that idea out of the box. And thanks for Bonnie for taking me to the craft store and (unbeknownst to her) solving my crashing trees conundrum.

And thanks to Mary because (unbeknownst to both of us) we were both working on explosion boxes simultaneously and that has to affect the cosmic mojo forces of the universe for the greater creative good, or something. I found out about Mary's project when she e-mailed me earlier tonight to ask the dimensions of the tree to see if it would fit in her box. You can see Mary's awesome project here.

So there ya go. Boxes are exploding left and right! Oh, and here's a visual to show just how tight those trees are crammed in there. I wouldn't go any smaller than a 6x6 base if you try this idea. You might even want to increase the taper and give them a wee bit more room!

Box no lid

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