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Two more SU! O Christmas Tree cards

Here are a couple more cards using the Stampin' Up! exclusive O Christmas Tree pop-up die.

A little history (and credit) for this first one. For the CHA show, Tara made a stunning card with a silver tree and one red cardinal on it. I have a picture somewhere, so I'll dig it up and post it one of these days. It was one of the hit samples at the booth, where people were impressed with the simple elegance of it. And then recently Holle sent me a link to Gretchen's Tree Card, which has the same concept - an embossed glittery white tree with one striking red heart on the branch.

So it was already in my mind to copy these two talented ladies.

And then last weekend I met a local demonstrator named Sam, and added to my list of "ideas I want to try". She had used the Textured Impressions folders with ink to create a two-toned effect.

Thank you Tara, Gretchen and Sam for the inspiration for this card:

(Click to make it bigger)
SU Make Merry Tree Card 
All supplies are Stampin' Up!

A couple of things I want to mention about this card:

  1. I will make an instruction file for it, so if you are a demonstrator and not already on my mailing list for SU! demonstrators, use the e-mail link at the left to be added to the list to receive these instruction files automatically. I limit the list to demonstrators so they have the option of using the ideas for classes or workshops. If you are a customer, please contact your demonstrator about the instruction files.
  2. You can attach the pop-up tree in a horizontal fold, too. Just attach the base to the side of the tree instead of the back of the tree. Now it can be added to a horizontal fold. Skew the location to one side so it has room to fold flat.
  3. The tree above is cut from red cardstock. I brayered Versamark ink on the Finial Press Textured Impressions folder and then embossed the tree parts. After embossing, the raised part was clean red, but the unembossed portions had Versamark ink on them. Add silver embossing powder and voila!

This next card is yet another attempt to prove the versatility of this die. It really isn't just for Christmas!

(Click to make it bigger)
SU Autumn Greetings Tree Card 
All supplies are Stampin' Up!

For this card I have to credit Bonnie for making me order the Birds & Branches Sizzlit strip. She loves that die and uses it all the time. Now I can see why! It's a great die!

Instruction file will be sent to the mailing list for the Autumn tree too. Not sure when I'll get the files done - probably in the next day or two. Emma caught what Karl had last week, so I'm taking care of her while working in little spurts.

RKQOTD (Karl: We had to make paper bag puppets in Spanish class and have a conversation with another person's puppet. Me: That sounds fun! Karl: Some older boys at the bus stop were teasing me about my puppet. They said it wasn't good. Me: I like your puppet. Plus, if the worst thing you're ever teased about is the quality of your puppet construction, then I think you're doing pretty well! Karl: Yeah. Me: So who was your partner in class? Karl: A boy I don't know. Me: How was his puppet? Karl: It was really good - it had a moustache!)

Beware of things . . .

This card is 100% for my friend Catherine. On Facebook today, I posted a status update of this:

Is there an official name for the fear of opening a can of biscuits? Because there should be. Why must they be little firecrackers? Will I need the spoon? Will it pop when I least expect it? SCARY!

And this particular status update must have really resonated with a lot of people because I got a lot of comments, including three scary stories of biscuit-induced injuries and mayhem that make me scared to ever open one of those suckers again!

Catherine, however, posted this:


I accepted the challenge (although I suspect that C didn't think I was serious) and was almost done with the card when another comment came in from Catherine:

Please be sure to include some kind of little spring that flings the biscuit at the viewer, ok?

And so, never to shy away from a challenge, I added the biscuit-on-a-spring feature.

The can itself is made with the new Pop-up Candle die, minus the flame.

(Click to make it bigger)
Halloween Can of Biscuits card 
Sizzix Products Used: Pop-up Candle, Bigz Clear Circle
Other Products Used: Rusty Pickle papers, Stamps by Judith Ghost stamp, felt, spoon charm, spring, "Jacklantern" font, Stampin' Up!: ink, Billboard alphabet Sizzlit, and slot punch

And now I really ought to get back to working on some new die designs, huh?

Oh, and speaking of Facebook - I like collecting friends, so look me up if you're so inclined. There are two people with my name, but my picture is on there, when my hair was brown and my sweater was red. There is also a Sizzix FB fan page that I encourage you to check out - lots of coupon codes and answers to questions like: "Who's that super-huge papercrafting rock star that Sizzix has signed and will have products released early next year?" (I'll give you $29k guesses)

Pop-up Cards - Beach Chair and New Home (v.2)

Just a couple of pop-up cards to share:

(Click to make it bigger):
Aloha Beach Chair Card 
Sizzix Products Used: Pop-up Beach Chair Die, Umbrella Die, Fine Frenzy Alphabet Sizzlit
Other Products Used: Basic Grey papers, Felt, Fringed fiber, wire flower, twill, cardstock

I make a lot of these cards but I don't get to keep them all. Sometimes I'm making them as samples for someone, so they must be shipped off and all I'm left with is a photograph and fond memories. This New Home card was one such sample. I couldn't get it out of my mind, so when I came across the pile of leftover materials I realized that I could just make it again! So I did! Here it is with slightly different materials:

(Click to make it bigger)
New Home Card V2 
Sizzix Products Used: Pop-up House Die, Pop-up Tree Die (used flat against back of house), Scalloped Circle Die, Mat Board, Textured Impressions Folders: Dots and Flowers (for the tree and flower boxes), Baby (for the roof flowers)
Other Products Used: Jillibean Soup and Scenic Route papers, ribbon, fence accent, felt, Stickles, twine, decorative edged scissors, and rub-on letters

Stampin' Up! Halloween Ideas

Here are a couple of Halloween SU! ideas using the Pop-up Ball and Pop-up Cake dies. I am making PDF instruction files on these cards, too. They're not done yet, though. Sick kid, other deadlines, yadda yadda yadda.

However, in one of those "well that would be a good idea" moments, I have compiled a mailing list of all the SU! demonstrators that e-mailed me for instructions on the tree cards. This way I can just blast out these new ones whenever they're done. You can, of course, e-mail me to be removed from the mailing list. You can also e-mail me if you're a SU! demonstrator wanting to be added to the list. (If you've received an e-mail from me with PDF files on the tree cards, you're already on the list)

This first one uses the polka-dot window sheets as the tiers of the cake. I also stamped the spiders on the window sheets and cut them out. Because I didn't want this cake to be see-through, I used acrylic paint on the backs of the window sheet strips to turn them different colors. I also created a card with a thick fold, or river, to give the cake extra room so it didn't have to be squished flat. Notice in the bottom right corner that the cake pops up nearly perfectly round. This is because of the window sheets not holding a crease and the river card giving them room to stay rounded. (click to make the image bigger)

SU Come as you Arent Halloween Card 
All supplies (except mat board, paint and jump ring) are Stampin' Up!

The other Halloween sample uses the Ball to make a Caramel Apple. Because I didn't want the stick to accidentally get spun into the fold and break, I made this apple stationary and didn't use the spinner base. The "caramel" is just acrylic paint with Crystal Effects over the top to make it shiny. I used a magnet closure on this card. The card itself is large - 6x9 -to accomodate the stick, so you'll need a big A10 envelope for it.

SU Caramel Apple Halloween Card 
All supplies (except magnets, popsicle stick, paint and rubber bands) are Stampin' Up!

By the way - notice the Medallion? It's the best.stamp.evah! It works under the cake and ball, too. Why I didn't think to stamp it in Creamy Caramel under the ball . . . well we'll never know.

RKQOTD (Karl: weakly Mom, my purple cup is on the dining room table. Will you get it and fill it with water, please? Me: sympathetically Oh, my poor baby. You're still feeling pretty sick, huh? Karl: frankly No, I really don't feel that sick anymore. Me: confusedly Well then why don't you get your own water? Karl: matter-of-factly Because I prefer it when you get it for me.)

Pop-up Cake Card - Harley Birthday! (see what I did there?)

I don't think I have any biker friends, come to think of it, but if I did, this is the kind of birthday card I imagine they would like to receive.

(click to make it bigger)Harley Birthday Card 

Sizzix Dies Used: Pop-up Cake, Fine Frenzy Alphabet, Ornate Flower, Scribbles #1, Mat Board

Other Supplies Used: Crocodile textured paper (Hobby Lobby), black acrylic paint, lace, silver charm, chain, eyelets, zipper trim, transparency, black and silver cardstock, skull stamp (Rubberstamp Ave.), white embossing powder, mini-brads, black elastic cording, needle and thread.

RKQOTD (Emma: Karl, could you not talk all the time like you're a human talking machine? You can do that when you grow up!)