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Sizzix Pop-up Cake Die #656025

Beach Chair Pop-up Die

Just wanted to share a Father's Day card that Bonnie and I made today using the Pop-up Beach Chair Die. It certainly doesn't have to be a beach chair, so think about other uses for it.

On our card, Bonnie had the idea to make it Dad's fishing chair. She did all the decorating while I made the chair, hat and pole. The fishing pole is one of those little drink umbrellas with the umbrella removed. After constructing the chair, I pierced a hole close to one of the vertical folds and stuck the pole through, taping it to the side of the chair inside the arm.

Many years ago I bought a sheet of fish eye stickers at a stamp show, having no idea what I would ever do with them, but convinced that someday I'd need them. Today was that day! I did a little online research to find a source for anyone interested: Fish Eye Stickers

Fathers Day Card 

And then here are a couple of layouts made using the Beach Chair die:

Beach Layout 

The above layout has two cards arranged gate-fold style. The first card opens to pop-up the beach chair and the second one opens to pop-up a picture on the Spinning Platform Pop-up Die.

Do think about the other possibilities with the chair die. Here's one where I made it into a Princess Throne by adding paper to cover the slats on the back and then cutting it into a throne shape.

Pretty Princess 

For layouts, you'll probably want the finished page in a page protector, right? No need to purchase any special pp's - simply slide the layout into whatever pp's you prefer and mark the four corners of the card with a paper piercer or thumbtack. Remove the layout. Now slide a cutting mat into the pp and use a ruler and craft knife to cut the same "card" in the pp. Slide the layout back in and staple the opening edge of the pp "card" to the card on the layout. Now the layout is protected in the album, but the card can be opened without removing it from the pp.

All seven of the Pop-up Dies are now in stock and shipping, so ask for them at your favorite Sizzix retailer!

RKQOTD (Karl: Mom, can I go ride my bike? Me: Yes, but stick around the neighborhood, check in every once in a while, and please watch for traffic - I would be devastated if you got hit by a car. Karl: I know. That's why I'm going to make sure that I don't get run over until I'm 81 years old. Me: So you're planning on getting run over at age 81? Karl: Yes, because I'll be walking too slow for traffic.)