Card Ideas - Spinning Platform die and 3-Tier Cake die
Sizzix Pop-up Ball Die

Instructions for QVC dies

 I believe that people have been receiving their dies from QVC  so I thought I'd post the instructions for those three dies here. These are the instructions that I made as a "go-by" for Sizzix to create the "pretty" ones that are in the packaging. Occasionally, though, I've seen a couple things that show up in my instructions that don't in the package ones, so I figure I'll post them. Can't hurt!

For the ball, I've found that if you use three #16 rubber bands (that's a standard office size that's available at any office supply store, usually in a giant bag that will last you through a thousand balls!) it works perfectly, but experiment with ones from the junk drawer, too. Basically you just want the ball looking like it does in step #11, #12 - three sides standing up, but not caving in.

(click on the instructions to enlarge them. Or, if you can't see the bottom when you click them, right click over the image and choose "Open in new Window" and you should be able to see the entire image nice and large)

Pocket Ball instructions   

Now with the ball, you're going to need tacky tape or a strong glue. I like Crafter's Pick (The Glue that Sticks) because it's a water-based super glue that dries clear and pretty fast. It will hold the ball. So will Zip Dry but it's stinkier.

For the Heart, here are my instructions. I noticed that the package instructions say to figure out which side of the plain heart is straighter - that's really not important. Just cut two hearts and you'd have to have eagle eyes to see a difference anyway!

Heart card instructions   

Basically if you add the connector (which looks like a stingray) with the tail pointed down, the "feet" of the pop-up heart will exactly cover it, making placement very easy.

Here are the instructions for the Spinning Platform:

Spinning Platform Instructions  

Now I think the package instructions might take a different approach for how to place the triangles and either will work, so just try both methods and see what you like.

When you put the big triangle to the right of the fold, the image will spin from the top of the platform to the center if you open it like a standard card. If you open it like a reverse card, the image will spin from under the platform. (Try it and you'll see what I mean) Perhaps you'd like to reverse the action? No problem - just turn the platform over and assemble it with the big triangle to the left of the fold. 

This platform isn't a fan of lightweight adhesive. That's why you need tacky tape or a strong glue like Crafter's Pick or Zip Dry. Another option is to put some brads through those triangles. It really helps keep them in place.

One last tip for the Spinning Platform. If you're trying to hold up a CD, use a thicker cardstock OR just glue two sheets of regular cardstock together and then cut it. I did that on the "Home Haircut" page that was shown on QVC.

You can always e-mail me with questions and I'll do whatever I can to help. We want happy customers!

I do know that the videos of my demos will eventually show up on - just not sure when.

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