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Instructions for QVC dies

Card Ideas - Spinning Platform die and 3-Tier Cake die

Just a quick post to share a couple of samples. Bonnie blew me away with this card she made using the Spinning Platform die. (Available now in limited quanties on QVC here and shipping to retailers in about a month)

Check out the detail that she put into stitching and embellishing the owl die cut. Wow! Bonnie, you're amazing. I'm telling all my friends!

Owl Card Bonnie   

The spinning platform die creates the platform (see the top right photo of the side view of Bonnie's card) and what you put on it is completely up to you. So this die is very versatile.

Below is an idea using the 3-Tier Cake die, which will be shipping to stores in about a month. I was messing around with building it upside-down, because I thought it would make a cute "Very Merry Un-Birthday to You!" card. But then when I got it put together I realized that it was a flower pot! Bonus!

The assembly instructions for the cake are posted on the Sizzix website and will be included in each package. If you want to make the cake upside-down, just reverse the order that you slide the tiers on the centerpiece, starting with the smallest instead of the largest. (step 4) One little modification that I found necessary, partially because my red cardstock was very lightweight, was that the horizontal strips for the middle and top tiers needed some extra reinforcing. This is because, with the cake upside-down, those tiers are partially suspended over air, instead of attached the full length to the tier below. So, to keep them from wanting to bend at the spot where they become diving boards, just throw a strip of cardboard or thick cardstock along them to make them stiffer.

Flower Pot Thank You Card 

A question was asked in the last post about which die cutting machine you need for my dies. Any of the Big Shot or Big Kick machines will work. You will also need the Extended Cutting Plates since all my dies are XL size.

Thanks for all your nice comments and e-mails. I am so excited for these dies to ship and I'd love to see anything you create with them.

RKQOTD (this is a quote from just before Christmas Karl: Mom, I tried to sing "Frosty the Snowman", substituting a "CR" sound at the start of every word, but it didn't work out because "happy" became a bad word.)