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Lisa Bearnson ROCKS, yo!

So that was fun! My dies were on QVC last night and Lisa did a fabulous job showing them off. Thank you Lisa! Link to see the video: Sizzix Pop Up Dies on QVC

When they were doing the "teaser" early in the show and grabbed the butterfly page I shook Emma away from her DS and said "LOOK - LOOK - YOU'RE ON TV! YOU'RE ON TV!" and she seemed genuinely impressed, for, like, over a minute.

Before it came to the Sizzix segment, though, we had to leave for a girl scout cookie booth at Sam's club. Evelyn and my mother-in-law were each calling with updates. "She just called you a genius!" MIL would say, and then hang up to watch some more.

And then, at the end, my ball fell off! Dude! I used tacky tape! This is the stuff that always happens when you take my projects out of their comfort zone. I create them at an elevation around 6000 feet and a humidity of minus-ten. When I go to Europe, I'm constantly re-sticking things that were very "stuck" when I made them. I have come to expect it. But I didn't warn Lisa. Instead, she had to improvise when the ball went flying off the page and onto the floor! (Oh no it didn't? Oh yes, it did!)  She retrieved it and suggested it would be good for a game of catch. Well played, Lisa Bearnson. I salute you!

Speaking of samples . . . have you met Bonnie? She is so talented, and such a good friend. I was not allowed to speak of the QVC thing ahead of time, which was excruciating, let me tell you! I flew to Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago and met with Lisa and her team to show her the dies and how to use them. I needed samples for Lisa to use on-air and Bonnie gave up her whole weekend to come help me make them. She made the shamrock, the "I heart u" card, the beach ornament (with hand-sewn sequins, mind you!), and the incredible basketball page. The only one I have a photo of is the basketball page, because we were in a terrible rush. When I get them back, I'll photograph all of them and post them on my website, which, yes, needs a major overhaul. I know!!!

Bonnie Basketball Page   

When I saw this page, a little drool slipped out and hit the top of the ball. OK, not really, but I did gasp when I saw that net. She's so clever, that Bonnie.

ME: Whoa. Did you cut apart your basketball net for me? I'm touched!

BONNIE: Oh no. I tied that net from the strings that came out of the tags I used to make my Valentines.

ME: Wait. Let me just understand this. You MADE the basketball net?!!

BONNIE: Of course. And I saved the environment a little, too. I'm really quite awesome. You should tell all your friends.

She didn't say that last part. That was just what she would have said if she weren't so modest. If she weren't so Bonnie. If she were more, say, me.

Bonnie, you're awesome. I'm telling all my friends.

RKQOTD (Me: Good morning, Karl. You got anything funny to say? Karl: No, not really. Me: Nothing? Because I'm finishing a blog post and could use a quote. Karl: Nope. Me: sigh. My baby's all grown up. Karl: Hey Mom, I forgot to tell you - when we were shopping for that new cooking pot for you, I saw a machine that makes your own baby food. Me: perking up Really? Tell me about it. Karl: Well, it came from France. Me: Yeah, yeah (grabbing pen) France - what else? Karl: Well, who would want to make their own baby food? Me: Some people don't like preservatives and prefer to make their own fresh food for their babies. Karl: Yeah, I might want to do that when I grow up. Me: Well you'll probably be pretty busy, if you have a new baby. Karl: Yes, but I can make the food during naps and at nighttime. Me: Won't you be sleeping at night? Karl: Not until 11 pm, which is when you stay up to. Plus, I won't be watching so much TV. Me: Ouch.)

@earthlink = @bye-bye!

Just a very quick note to say that if you have been using an e-mail address for me that ends in it is officially, after many many years, gone.

Keep the same first part and change the last part to and I'll be getting your e-mails lickety split. You can also always use my gmail or website "contact me" form.

Also, this thrills me to the core: Lisa Bearnson's Blog (yippee!)