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What I've been up to

John's working from home today. Every other Thursday (unless he has meetings) he works from home and I move my laptop from the basement so we can sit next to each other in the dining room and tap away. Isn't that the cutest thing ever? (Yeah, it's really cute)

And so just a second ago he was cracking up and I wanted to know at what. "Engineering humor" he told me, and then showed me this:


Ha ha ha! Engineers are funny, yo!

But then, so are scrapbookers. I had to do this:


And this has all been just a massive distraction from my true posting subject, which was to announce my new products that were released at CHA Winter.

Check this out:

Pop Up Display 

I've licensed with Sizzix to create interactive pop-up dies. With the Bigz XL dies and the Big Shot machines, there is finally enough real estate on a consumer die to make a substantial pop-up, something I had previously only dreamed of. (My students were likely also having that dream as they took hours to hand cut and score my templates!)

The initial release is 7 dies, six of which are adaptations of my most popular templates, and then one brand new one - the three tier cake.

The dies will ship in May and will include excellent step-by-step pictorial instructions in the packaging. But what's most important to know is . . . they're all easy. I can't stress enough that these dies are simple to put together. The machine does all the hard parts for you - precision cutting and scoring. Some of the dies have fewer construction steps, so they may be quicker to put together, but they're all easy. I've timed myself and they range from 30 seconds (the tree) to 10 minutes (the pop-up ball) but they're all EASY.

We filmed my demos at the show and they should be available at some point on the Sizzix Website for a video tutorial of just how easily these dies go together. I also made some samples that I need to photograph and create instructions for. My website, will have free downloadable projects and ideas closer to the dies' ship date.

Oh, and I should mention that the beautiful projects on the packaging were done by the jaw-droppingly-talented Sizzix design team. I was completely in awe with the projects they created.

So that's what I've been up to. I will continue to offer Home Construction projects on my website, because there will always be things I can do with templates that I can't do with dies, but primarily I am going to focus on the dies. In fact, I'm already designing the next release!

You may also find me out there teaching for Sizzix at some events, so keep an eye on my website for those dates and locations. Right now I'm working on a complete website overhaul, but I'm just one person, so it's going to be a while before I complete it. When you get to the upper levels of Diner Dash (and I have completed every level at expert status, thank you very kindly) you get two extra arms. Wouldn't that be loverly? I could type with two of them and make pop-ups with the other two. Ahhh  . . . to dream!

One last piece of business - a new class that will be offered next month at Akke Fietje in the Netherlands and also at the Craftiere event in Ireland. Carin and Jacqueline will teach the Dutch class and Jane Dean will teach in Ireland. Check out the websites for photos of the class. Alternate words will be available in the handout templates offering maximum customization.

And that, in a nutshell, is what I've been up to!

RKQOTD (In the van on the way to a play date Emma: Karl, what did you bring to play with? Karl: A Wii game and my Wii remote. and then, sadly: I realize that there are some children in the world who don't have multiple remotes for their Wii or multiple player abilities. Me: Oh those poor unfortunate children!! Emma: Well gee, Mom, I don't think they're *that* unfortunate. I mean, they probably play outside and use their imaginations WAY more than we do!)