Happy Hallo-Thanks-Holidays!
The Christmas Card Story

Dr. McMeltme's Magic!

Try to say that 5 times fast!

So remember those cool pictures of Karl that I couldn't post a few days ago because my card reader was consumed by a Tasmanian pigsty? (With no offense to Tasmania intended, mates - just painting a cyclonic visual with my words)

Well I did a thorough winter cleaning of my office and found the card reader!

Stop, Karen, stop! My side, my side!

Please. Do you even know me at all?! I recently installed a puppy gate at the top of the basement stairs, which not only keeps Lucy out of the basement, but all of our guests as well! Bonus! It is now a foregone conclusion that my office will remain in it's "Monica's Closet" state until Lucy grows up or we sell our house, whichever comes first. Unless the mess swallows my laptop, of course, which would scare me flylady in a heartbeat.

So no, I didn't find my card reader. I had to haul my camera down here and attach it to my computer with a cable. . . like an animal!

Just so I could show you this . . .

Karl Braces Before After 

His teeth are straight! In, like, 11 months! It's as if they took what they knew about orthodontia when I was a teenager and did, like, some research and technical advancements over two decades and now they can turn a kid from a jack-o-lantern into Donny Osmond in less than a year! Seriously!

Karl will still need "Phase 2" when his permanent molars come in, lest you worry that I will no longer give all my money and most of my ogling to Dr. McMeltme. Plus Emma still has her braces on.

In other news, I've just discovered that I was Liz Lemon in high school! And it's all Facebook's fault!

Apparently I've been living under a rock, or maybe trapped under something heavy, because I didn't know that Facebook was for people old enough to vote! But it totally is for everyone - even tragically unhip moms who sit in messy offices on Saturday nights wearing pink long johns (it's cold, yo!) and a skull shirt from Walmart that she altered to remove a motion-activated light so she could wear it on an overseas flight without waking up fellow passengers. Yes Facebook is for everyone, even the terminally uncool mom who, as she was crawling over a puppy gate in a most unflattering manner, was subjected to ridicule by her husband who called out "I bet I know the color of your underwear . . . black" making her wonder why they even MAKE see-through long johns and also just how many times had she worn said see-through long johns outside to retrieve the paper?

But I've wandered from my point. What was it again? Oh yes, Liz Lemon.

So when you register for Facebook, as I did a couple of days ago, you put in where you went to high school and college and as if by magic, it finds all your long lost friends! It's seriously cool! And you can IM with people, too! I was admiring my new logo yesterday and then there was this little ding and suddenly there's one of my high school friends saying hello! So we chatted for a while, catching up on family and career news, and then he accidentally typed "mind-boogling" instead of "mind-boggling". "Boogling" is funny! If you say it out loud you'll see what I mean. It's like "Oogly Boogly" or "Julia Goolia"! Who can resist making a crack about that? Answer .  . . not me.

So of course I made a crack about it, and then explained that I was just messing with him. It's what I do. I do that!

And then he said . . . "Yeah, you haven't changed much since high school!"

Hey now?! Does that mean that I was a sarcastic messer-wither in high school? Did I do that? OK, yeah, I probably did, but is that a bad thing? Is that frowned on?


Wanna see my new logo? Designed by Lynda, graphic-artist extraordinaire:

Karen logo  

Get it? I wanted a graphic way to say "Open this and magic happens". I think she nailed it! I'm in the very slow process of getting my website updated to reflect not only my new logo but the Europe classes for Home Construction. And I've secured all the supplies to design the February class for Akkefietje, so stay tuned for photos of that project. I know exactly what I'm going to do and if it works - it'll be cool! Soon . . . to quite soon.

RKQOTD Karl: Mom, how many pairs of these jeans did you buy me? Me: Two. Karl: Oh. Well you should have bought more - they like my dungarees at school! Me: Did they actually call them "dungarees"? Karl: No. I got that off the label.