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GASC Chattanooga, September 18-20

I'm going to be running the DSB booth at a couple of shows coming up. Next week I'll be in Phoenix, but those shifts are covered. I need help, though, major help, at the GASC Chattanooga show the week after next. The dates September 18, 19, 20th.

Shifts available are Thursday set-up, 11am-7pm
Friday booth work: 8:30-noon, noon-3:30, 3:30-7:30
Saturday booth work: 8:30-noon, noon-3:30, 3:30-8:30 (last shift includes tear-down)

Pay is $10 an hour in cash, or $20 worth of booth product per hour, mix and match. Admission to the show on the day(s) you're working is included. Lunch is included for all-day workers.

If you live near there, or know someone who lives near there, or can find someone who lives near there . . . I'd love to hear from you, or them. You know.

In other news, Lucy is fitting in quite nicely and is a fun addition to our family. 

Speaking of Lucy, there are three rumors that I'd like to dispel:

  1. I am not a dog person and/or I'm crazy. The "crazy" part I get - as I always seem to be in nutty predicaments, but who says I'm not a dog person? I grew up with dogs, thank you very much, and John and I were the proud parents of a Jack Russell terrorist (er, terrier) until the kids were born and the dog gave us an ultimatum - "It's me, your high-strung, high-maintenance, 32-pound-when-I-shouldn't-have-grown-bigger-than-16 beast of a dog . . . or those drooling crumb-crunchers, but I am NOT, I repeat NOT, going to share!" (We chose the kids and found a lovely home for the dog)  Over the years Emma was always too skittish around dogs for us to consider having one. She has slowly outgrown her fear and for the last several months, the kids have been begging for a dog, so the time was right.
  2. Lucy is meant to fill the void left by Evelyn's departure.  Well obviously Evelyn and Lucy are interchangable! Lucy and I will be hitting the scrapbook store and stopping for lunch at Fatburger quite regularly. And then there's the Starbucks/pedicure combo. Lucy might have to pay more for having four feet . . . but other than that, no real difference! Lucy isn't very good at sharing recipes, or making Mojito's, or snarking, but she has other talents that you look for in a replacement best friend, like licking her butt, barking at her reflection, and chewing up my new flip flops. Did Evelyn leave? Because I just can't tell . . . (sarcasm, so good at the sarcasm)
  3. Lucy is not cute, and would scare other dogs into not having puppies for fear that those puppies would look like her.  I'm not going to announce which of our poor, misguided, obviously blind relatives made such a horrendous comment . . . *cough*Uncle Jamie*cough* . . . but I should mention that when such comment was repeated to Emma she said (and I quote) "You're joking." to which I replied "No, he really said that! Gram told me!" and Emma said, quite firmly, "You're joking." and refused to believe that her great uncle, and godfather no less, would say something so utterly false! Lucy, for your information, charms every person who meets her, and is one of the cutest dogs to ever walk the earth!


RLQOTD ("Woof!")