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It's Mother's Day tomorrow, meaning I need to get a new post up! (I'm nothing if not consistent, no?) I wanted to give sneak peeks of the classes for Scrap-a-Ganza in June. The first SAG is in the Netherlands and the second is in England. All the cool kids are going . . . are you?


The first class, which is a single-session class, is called Architecture. Last year I created a single-page project with the arches for the Flip, Spin and Play book and ever since then I've had somewhere near a million requests (give or take a few) to make it into a class. So I did! I expanded the project into a 2-page spread, and because we need so very many kits for both events, I was asked to use different papers for each event. I *believe* that the green version will be used in The Netherlands and the pink one in England, but I'm not totally certain. In any case, because the kits will include TWO entire alphabet sets, you can choose your title and don't have to feel like the green one has to be used for travel or the pink one for friendship, 'kay?

So here they are:



All of the papers are from Basic Grey's Two Scoops collection along with some Making Memories brads, flowers and chipboard alphabets, plus some Chatterbox ribbon. It's a lovely kit in either color scheme, I do declare!

Here's what you need to bring to class:

Tools & Supplies:         

            General adhesive - students' choice

            Glue dots and Pop dots



            Craft Knife and Mat

            Paper piercer (or push pin)

            Scoring tool and ruler

            Regular office tape

            Crop-a-Dile OR regular office hole punch

            Optional: white pen (for green version)


Photos for green layout:            

Students should bring at least the arch pictures to class, although they can be added later, if necessary.

Arch Photo Size - 2 horizontal 4" x 10" photos (10cm x 25.4cm)

Other Photo Sizes - 5x7 (12.7cm x 17.8cm), four small photos to fill a 4x10 area (10cm x 25.4cm), three small photos 2.25" x 4" (5.7cm x 10cm), one 4x6 (10cm x 15.25cm)

Photo sizes can vary, except for the arch photos.

Photos for pink layout: 

Students should bring at least the arch pictures to class, although they can be added later, if necessary.

Arch Photo Size - 2 horizontal 4" x 10" photos (10cm x 25.4cm)

Other Photo Sizes - 5x7 (12.7cm x 17.8cm), horizontal 4x6 (10cm x 15.25cm), vertical 4x5 (10cm x 12.7cm), 4x3 (10cm x 7.6cm), 4x4 (10cm x 10cm), 2.5x2.5 (6.4cm x 6.4cm)

Photo sizes can vary, except for the arch photos.

The other class, which is a double-session, is called Wall Toy, and I know everyone's been very curious about it! What happened was Heidi (the distributor and owner of the events) was able to purchase some Making Memories magnetic organization system panels at a discount and thought it would be fun to have me design a class project using them. Each student will receive TWO of the panels, which are worth  $20 EACH! You'll also get a bulldog clip, two smaller clips and a round organization tin in addition to all the paper, cardstock, wire, magnets and stickers. This kit is overwhelmingly awesome!

So I was challenged with making something cool using these wall panels as a base. And of course I wanted to make something interactive, so I created a "Wall Toy", which is a double-page layout, clipped to the panels, with interactive features that can be "played with" on the wall, should you choose to hang them. The collection is October Afternoon's Detours collection.

Here's how the project might look on the wall in the "closed" position:


But then, as you're walking by, you might choose to open the paper slinky on page one, or pull the ribbons on page 2 to make the flower pot jump out at you!


Everything's magnetic, so the tin and lid on page one will stick wherever you want to put it, and the flaps on page 2 will stick to the edges of the wall panel. 

Here's what I mean by the paper Slinky sticking anywhere you want to put it:


And here's how page 2 would look if you had it on the wall. The photo on top of the flower pot will just spring out at you and the flaps will stick to the panel in the "open" position. The two empty flaps are meant to hold journaling, but I haven't done that yet.


The middle portions of the layouts are 9x9 pieces that are clipped onto the panel using the magnetic clips. You can easily remove them or change them out.

Now I realize that homes in Europe are generally more compact and that people really might not have a suitable place to hang a "Wall Toy" so you have the option of constructing the project as a two page spread for your album instead. You can keep the wall panels for organization or do something else exciting with them. You're not going to offend me if you'd rather make this as a layout. It will work fine, even inside a page protector. I even have a suggestion for incorporating a modified paper Slinky on page 1, which I'll go over in class for people who would rather make this as a layout.

Here's how it will look as a layout:Wall_toy_layout_version_small 

As with all my classes, they incorporate interactive features, techniques and templates. If you're not crazy about my color choices you can definitely make these projects again at home using whatever colors you prefer.

Here's what you need to bring to class for Wall Toy:

Tools & Supplies that Students must bring:

General adhesive - students' choice

Strong red-liner tacky tape. YOU MUST HAVE THIS! (Can't make the flower pot without it)



Craft Knife and Mat

Paper piercer (or push pin)

Scoring tool and ruler

Regular office tape

Crop-a-Dile OR 1/8" hole punch

Mini stapler and staples

Large corner rounder



All photos can be added later, photo sizes can vary, and none are required for class.

Page 1 - 5x7 (12.7cm x 17.8cm)

Inside Slinky Tin - 3" round photo (7.6 cm)

Page 2 - 4@2x4 (5cm x 10cm) for around flower pot. 2.75x4 (7cm x 10cm) for on top of the flower pot. 3@2x2 (5cm x 5 cm) for flaps

Now I want to warn you that this class is ambitious, even for a double-session. I will probably have to assign the paper Slinky as homework because it takes a while to cut out all those rings. Rest assured that the technique is easy - just repetitive.

You do not need to bring photos to class, but if you'd like to bring them to the event, perhaps to add during your cropping time, feel free. If you're doing the project as a layout, you may want to add photos to the front of the flower pot, too, since it will be viewed from the side.

So that's what I've been working on. I've got two more classes in the works for private gigs in Europe, so stay tuned for those.

Happy Mother's Day!

RKQOTD (Me: Karl, do you want Dad to cut your hair or do you want to go to the salon? Karl: I want to go to the salon. I'd like them to leave a finger length. Me: What's wrong with buzzing your hair? Karl: Two problems: (A) I'm not used to it, and (B) I get annoyed when people say "nice haircut" all the time. Me: Oh, so you'd like to get a haircut where nobody can tell that your hair's been cut? Karl: Exactly.)