Disappearing Act
Hey Sugar, Sugar!

Just a few random thoughts -

Now you know that I rarely watch live TV (like animals) but we've had an issue with our local Fox HD channel cutting in and out. The AI results show where Jason went home didn't record because of a blip at the beginning. Since then, I've had the DVR set to record the "regular def" channel and we watch it live on HD. That way, if the blips occur during a crucial moment of David Cook's song, I can re-watch it on the recording.

And so it went this week. On Tuesday night I was all settled in to watch the show while cutting ribbon for some class kits, but John was in the kitchen making too much noise loading the dishwasher.

ME: Yeah, that's not working for me. Put the dishes down and come sit by me so we can have some together-time watching the man I'm going to leave you for.

(Sentiment . . . so good at the sentiment!)

JOHN: I just can't get over his giant head.

ME: Hey! That's unfair. He's very tall and his head matches his body. It's proportional! 

JOHN: Look at him there next to Ryan. Their heads are two completely different sizes!

ME: You may have a point. When I have his baby it's probably going to hurt a lot . . .

John just rolled his eyes. He can act nonchalant, but I know that he, too, was pleased that David Cook won Idol last night. I distinctly remember turning and seeing a smile on his face just before I jumped off the couch and yelled "Yes!" and pumped my fist in the air and ran around like a wee giddy widdle school girl.

Brooke was really, really good with Graham Nash, no? I was nervous at first and said "Don't start over! Don't forget the words! Don't start over!" but she didn't, and I approved.

And David Cook with ZZ top! And doing that little leg dance thing? *swoon*

But the best . . . the very best . . .the reason I may have to retract my disdain for live-TV viewing . . . the Guitar Hero commercials!!!

We FREAKED when he slid out there and turned around. I had to rewind and watch several times! Just . . . awesome! Funny, and steamy, and sort of embarrassing, but still funny, and I love that he doesn't take himself too seriously. (*cough*Daughtry*cough*)

So congratulations, David Cook. (I'm sure he's reading this) I will be counting the days till your CD comes out. Molten lava hot for me, dawg.

But let's return to the subject of the dishwasher . . . (segues, so good at the segues) I had another couch-convo with John about a week ago.

ME: Oh say! I forgot to mention that I've come up with a more efficient way to load the dishwasher!

JOHN: What's that?

ME: Well, there are four sections of the silverware basket besides the center one for knives. So what I do is load the first section with big forks, the second section with small forks, the third section with big spoons, and the final section with small spoons. When you go to unload it, you just grab the entire bundle and put it in the appropriate section of the silverware drawer. It's a totally brilliant plan!

JOHN: I'm not on board.

ME: (flabbergasted) What do you mean 'I'm not on board'?! It makes unloading totally quick and easy - you don't have to sort the silverware!!!!

JOHN: Sure you do. You have to sort it when you load it. Did you also come up with a brilliant new way to clean out the lint trap on the dryer?

Whatevs. I still think I'm right.

So I'm pretty darn busy trying to get things ready for Europe and I haven't been exactly thorough with my e-mails. If you've e-mailed me about something and I didn't respond - please re-send the e-mail with perhaps a note that says "How about answering me this time, asshat?!" Or something.

I have a couple of plugs to make.

My sister and my step-father have collaborated on their first book! I'm very proud of both of them and I will make a huger, more glowing post when I'm finished reading it, but if you don't want to wait that long to get a taste of the "serious writer" side of our gene pool, check out their website here: BANISHED where you can buy your own copy. I also need to figure out how to make a cool sidebar like Julie has on her blog: Julie Brock

Speaking of writing . . . in the form of journaling, which we should all be doing on our scrapbook pages before we call them "done" . . . (yes, I'm looking at you Sandy!) - check out this blog with journaling challenges: Journaling Junkie You can see how the design team interpreted each week's challenge, and I believe you can even win prizes if you enter your take on the challenge. Cool site, Stella!

But for now I must get back to kitting, and making handouts, and listening to David Cook on my iPod. *swoon*

RKQOTD (Me: Emma, you need to do your math worksheet. Emma: suspicious pause Actually, I did 2 worksheets yesterday, so I'm all caught up. Me: Oh, OK. I'll just take a look at those two completed worksheets then. Emma: squirming Uh . . well actually . . . you know . . . I think I'll just go to my room and do tomorrow's worksheet now . . . Me: Good idea! Get it all done early. I'll just take a look at those two completed worksheets now. Emma: But, uh, I think I'll just bring them all down later. Me: Did you finish 2 worksheets, Emma? Emma: hanging head No. Me: Did you finish ONE worksheet, Emma? Emma: visibly nervous No. Me: So you LIED about having your homework done? Emma: yes. Me: You have been warned before about lying. You are now grounded from both TV and the computer until Gram gets here on Monday. Don't even THINK about turning on the TV or computer until then! Emma: perkily OK! That will give me a chance to catch up on my reading!

Oh no she di-un't?

Oh yes, she did.

Me: EXCUSE ME?! You certainly do not seem like a girl who realizes that she's done wrong and is being punished! Emma: But Mom . . . I'm just trying to look at the positive side. I'm trying to be optimistic!)