Daisy Chain Clear Album
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Disappearing Act

As promised, here's the other clear album class. This one is for Akkefietje on June 5th in Eindhoven. I believe there is still space available.

It's hard to really do this project justice with flat photography, so let me explain why it's so cool.

I think of a spiral as an SPT. (Standard Pop-up Technique) If you're into pop-ups at all, you've probably done a spiral. It's quick, it's easy, and it gives a "wow" factor. Usually you make the spiral from double-sided paper or a transparency. The pattern is irrelevant because even though the spiral returns to a flat position when the card is closed, you never see it in that position because the card is closed. You dig? The card hides the circle and as soon as you open the card, the circle spirals out and you can't see what's on it anymore.

Unless . . .

Unless you're using a clear album!

I've had this idea swimming in my head for a couple of months now and finally got the chance to make something with it. A spiral in a clear album is cool because you can see it flat! Which means you can make it out of a photo, or cool patterned paper, or both, and at some point you will see the spiral in it's flat position.

And that's what's happening here. Every time you turn a page, the photo that you just saw "disappears" by transforming into a spiral (it's super-cool if you turn the pages slowly) that adds dimension and "wow" to the page set, while also revealing the photo underneath it. And this goes on for pages and pages! (Well, 4 times, to be exact)

But that's not all. By the time you're mid-way through the album, you can see the word "travel" (or whatever word you choose to put there) sticking out from the file folder on the last page. When you get to that page, you open the file folder only to discover that the word "travel" is attached to a tag, and now, just by opening the card, that tag spins to a horizontal position and floats in the air, revealing yet another photo behind it. (Magic . . . so good at the magic!)

But enough with my attempts at explaining the project. How about I just show you: (Click on it to make it bigger)


All of the products on this project are Rusty Pickle. The collection is called "Lucky" and this album can work in any theme, not just travel.

HOWEVER! If you're making this album about a person or people, they can be in all the pictures EXCEPT the ones that are cut into spirals. Those photos need to be scenery or objects. If you cut through a person's eyes it looks weird, so I do not recommend people photos for the spirals.

Now normally you don't have to bring photos to my classes, but for this class, you do. I'm making it easy for you, though, with this PDF file that will help you size and crop your photos. If you make sure that page scaling is set to "None" in the Print Dialog Box, the resulting print-out will be actual-size. Verify that it printed full-size by measuring one of the boxes.

Download disappearing_act_photo_sizes_copy.pdf

In addition to the pictures listed in the PDF file, you'll need these supplies and tools:

Tools & Supplies to bring to class:



Dry adhesive (tape runner, tabs, etc.)

Mini-glue dots

Permanent fine-tip black pen (super-fine Sharpie is perfect)

Scoring tool and ruler


Craft knife and cutting mat

Karen will bring:
Liquid glue that dries clear

Toothpicks for spreading the glue

Black paint & brushes

This is going to be a fun class! I'm excited!

RKQOTD (Karl: But Mom, I don't want to get a haircut. I want to grow my hair long. Me: Well the problem with hair like yours is that if it's long, you have to shower every morning. It's only able to be styled when it's really wet. Do you want to commit to showering every morning? Karl: I'll just go with the haircut.)