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Daisy Chain Clear Album

So here's the first of two new clear album classes. This is NOT the class for Akkefietje on June 5th. This is the class for Chepstow, England on June 12th. We have less time in Chepstow, so I needed something that would go together quickly, but still be uber cool and nifty.

And here's what I came up with:


So Daisy Chain is literally a daisy chain. (Unless those flowers aren't daisies, at which point it's an I-don't-know-what-kind-of-flower-that-is chain) We start with Rusty Pickle's "Lil Flower Clear Album" and connect the pages using eyelets. When folded up, five photos will be visible around the perimeter of the flower. I used a family theme where each family member got a page that included their initial and some journaling about their interests. The front page has a photo of all of us. If you have 5 or fewer members of your family, this will work. If you have more than 5, there is space for 5 more photos on page 6, but those won't be visible when the album is closed, so you'll have to play favorites. Heh

Now, what's really cool and interactive about this album is the way you open it. Emma was kind enough to model the process for me while I snapped pictures. You unfasten the belt, stick a finger in each ribbon loop, and pull. The chain starts spinning and expanding and suddenly you have this long chain and you'll notice that each of the photos that were just in a circle are now separated on their own pages and they're all at the top! (Magic . . . so good at the magic!)

Here's a close-up of that sequence. (I think you can click on it and make it bigger, no?)


This album will also look cool with color photos and I will make a color version sample too. In that case, you might also use markers or pencils to color in some of the doodles on the patterned papers to add more pops of color. I'll be posting my color version after I get the other acrylic album class done.

The paper collection is called Pop Star, by Rusty Pickle, and the kit includes the entire package of alphabet stickers, so you can use whatever theme/title you want.

Here's what you'll need in class:

Tools & Supplies to bring to class:



            Dry adhesive (tape runner or tabs or double-stick tape)

            Glue dots or tacky tape - something strong!

            Permanent black pen (regular Sharpie is perfect)

            White pen for journaling (optional, but looks cool!)

            Old fashioned hammer/eyelet setter for standard 1/8" eyelets


            Craft knife and cutting mat

Color Version:

To add color, bring color photos and some colored pencils or markers. The doodly nature of the papers lend themselves well to adding color!


Tools & Supplies that Karen will bring to share. Bring your own if you're not much of a sharer:

Liquid glue that dries clear - I like Crafter's Pick™ The Ultimate

            Toothpick for spreading the glue

            Needle-nosed pliers



All photos are 2" (5cm) round photos. Album can hold up to 10 family members by utilizing the space on page 6. Or use pictures of just the kids, or pets, or cousins, or just one person, or your flower garden – it's up to you!

One last thing - if you own an old fashioned manual eyelet setter - the one that's metal and needs a hammer - bring it. Don't bring something fancy and spring-loaded, and don't just assume that you can use your Crop-a-Dile to set the eyelets, because you CAN'T! I will not allow it!! But I will share my hammer and eyelet setter, so don't go shopping or anything.

And now I'm being summoned to watch Lost.

(RKQOTD: Karl: Dad, why can't I just drink as much chocolate milk as I want? It's not like we have to conserve it or anything!)