Daisy Chain Clear Album

Blushing Zebra

A newspaper? A sunburnt nun? A blushing zebra?

What IS black and white and red all over?

Why my newest class, of course! (see what I did there?)

This is a class that will debut in Holland, at Akkefietje on June 5th. I will also teach it in England at Chepstow on June 12th.

The collection is Heidi Grace's Midnight Kisses, which was one of my favorites from winter CHA. It's hard to really show the beauty of these papers with photographs, but some of the papers have a shimmer glitter to them, with raised epoxy-ish designs, and the shiny CD frames work perfectly with them.

Now let's talk the CD frames. The template I've created for the platforms is really cool. The CD actually twists up into its centered floating position. Notice that it doesn't have a fold in it (obviously you can't fold a CD) and yet it floats right over a fold . . . like magic! The action on this one is fun - you'll want to open and close the cards a lot, just to watch the CD's move. Since the platforms are complex and time-consuming, the bulk of the class will be spent creating the platforms. For that reason, I went simpler than usual on the overall layout design - both to showcase the beautiful papers, and to eliminate homework. Or so I think. I have a bit of a reputation for "over-designing" for the alloted class time. *sigh*

The layout can be operated in page protectors - we'll just cut them.

The theme on this one does not have to be girl. The kit includes the entire chipboard alphabet, which comes with numbers and some little hearts, so you can title it whatever you want. The collection is floral, but the red/white/black color scheme has a more sophisticated (even manly) theme than usual florals, so I think this could be used for anything.


Here's what you need to bring to class:

    • General Adhesive (student's choice) - I love tape runners because they're quick, but bring what you like.
    • Glue dots or Tacky Tape - you'll need something strong to attach the CD's since they're twisting and moving. 
    • Scissors 
    • Trimmer 
    • Scoring tool and ruler 
    • Craft knife and cutting mat 
    • Crop-a-DileTM or regular office hole punch 
    • Paper piercer or thumbtack 
    • Black inkpad (optional) - If you're a lover of the inked edge look, definitely bring your favorite ink pad!

The photos can all be added after class, and the sizing and placement can vary. However, if you like what I did, here are my photo sizes:

    • Left card - 4"x4" square (10cm x 10cm) on front of card, 4" diameter circle (10cm) on CD frame, 2"x4" (5cm x 10cm) vertical inside card
    • Layout background - 5"x7" (12.7cm x 17.8cm)
    • Right card - 2"x4" (5cm x 10cm) vertical on front of card and inside card, 4" diameter circle (10cm) on CD frame

And here's my journaling:

She said to me one day:

"Mom, I really am a mixture of you and Dad, because I look more like Dad, but I act more like you. I like reading. I like Nancy Drew . . ."

". . .You have brown eyes. You watch too much TV. You're kind of messy. . ."

"Yeah – neither of us clean our rooms!"

"We're the same, you and me!"

I smiled then. It was nice to think about the things we have in common.

But really, Emma isn't like me. She's like her. Or, with better grammar, she's like herself.

I wasn't anything like Emma in fourth grade. I cared a lot about what others thought of me, and always wanted to blend in. She has a quiet confidence and dares to be different. I had just one or two good friends. She has a lot of friends and makes new ones easily. I was a "goodie two-shoes" and followed all the rules. Emma is more like a "goodie one-shoe", and will try to get away with things occasionally. I was never into non-fiction books. She devours books on history and hopes to be an Egyptologist or archeologist when she grows up. I loved sports, and although I lacked a natural athleticism, I always tried my best and was intensely competitive. Emma plays sports for the social interactions and rarely knows the score.

We do have things in common, but Emma has never been, and hopefully never will be, just like me. I like her better as HER.

There's a second class for both these events that's coming next. It's an acrylic mini-album with a nifty interactive feature. It's more . . . "conceptual" . . . at this stage, but I know it's going to work. I just know it!!! And UPS just dropped off some fabulous Rusty Pickle products to use - awesome!

Stay tuned . . .