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CKC Mesa, Arizona

I will be running the Dollar Scrapbooking booth at the CK Mesa show in a couple of weeks and can use a few workers. I need one person for each of these shifts on Friday April 18th, and Saturday April 19th:




Pay is $10 an hour in cash, or $20 worth of product per hour. Admission to the show is included, and if you work all day, we'll provide lunch.

The late shift on Friday includes one hour of re-stocking the booth after the show closes at 6 pm. The late shift on Saturday includes two hours of breaking down the booth and packing it into storage containers after the show closes at 5 pm.

Dress is casual, with comfy shoes a must. The booth is always packed, and there's always work to do, but it's surprisingly enjoyable and never boring!

To get an idea of the fabulous products you can choose in lieu of cash, visit the website: Dollar Scrapbooking

If you want to work, post a comment here or e-mail me with the link on the left. Thanks!