Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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Happy Easter!

See what I'm doing here? Heh.

Yvonne pointed out that my dear friend Karen Russell gave me a shout-out on her blog, which I didn't know because I had fallen behind in keeping up with her blog, which she always updates like a major organized show-off. Basically she's a much better friend to me than I am to her. No, really. I called her last week wanting all sorts of advice about life direction and she totally helped me find the path of righteousness (I threw that in as an Easter reference, but my own path is slightly less . . . what's that word? . . . oh yes, holy.)

So I do not expect to have to tell many of you who Karen Russell is, but if you've been living under a rock, scoot over, because you're taking all the dry spots. No, uh, wait - I meant to say that Karen is the incredible creative force behind the Narratives collection and in her spare time she teaches amazing classes, chases four children around, takes sickeningly good photos, which she often shares on her uplifting and eye-candy blog, keeps her teeth impeccably clean, and I think she might also run marathons, feed the homeless and give blood. She's teaching an online photography course this summer and you should totally sign up for her newsletter if you're interested. The girl knows her stuff. I'm just sayin'!

But hey, in my small less-organized, dingier teeth corner of the world . . . (which is really not a corner because Colorado is in the middle, yo) . . . exciting things are happening in the form of lots of orders for the new Home Construction Projects! THANK YOU! If this keeps up I won't have to call Karen Russell nearly as often, which is, now that I think about it, probably why she gave me a shout-out on her blog.

And we came full-circle.

Spring Break has started. It's officially next week, but they also got Thursday and Friday off because of Parent Teacher Conferences. To all the family members reading, the children are doing well at school. Karl got a perfect 100% in Spelling - didn't miss a word the entire quarter - so he continues his pattern of being extremely gifted in areas that are unlikely to earn him a nickel. Heh. Emma continues to excel in math, with everyone agreeing that she's also got a gift for writing that she hasn't quite fully discovered yet. I wish she would, because then she could update my blog!

OK, so that was a lead-in to a story about Thursday, but I have to get off the computer and go work at the Food Bank. Take THAT, Karen Russell! Heh

More later -

RKQOTD (While hanging out with Karl waiting for the bus one morning: Me: You're awesome, you know that, Karl? Karl: Mom, if you're trying to make me feel good about myself . . . which I already do . . . you don't have to.)