Mom jeans (genes?)

You Who!

So it has been most delicately pointed out that more than 10 days have passed since my last blog post. My apologies! I was out of town at the Simply Southern scrapbooking convention for 5 of the days, and then just all sorts of work and life issues have been keeping me buried.

Speaking of Simply Southern, I had a lovely time! Linda, Jessica, Michelle and Cheryl were invaluable at the booth. I could just gush on and on and on, but there's really nothing funny or embarrassing about it, so let me just skip to the plane ride home.

Huntsville Alabama is not the largest airport I've ever encountered. (Weird, right?) There is exactly one flight a day between Huntsville and Denver and the plane is a wee little Canadair jet with 50 seats and one bathroom. There is a little indicator light at the front of the plane to tell you when the bathroom is unoccupied and, seeing that the light was not on, I decided to take advantage of it.

Being a very important Premier flyer, (no, no, stop the applause, you're embarrassing me!) I was seated in row 3, meaning that darn near the entire plane full of people saw me go past them on my way to the bathroom. This is an important fact, so remember it.

The bathroom is stupidly situated right across from the last row of seats. An elderly gentleman was the occupant of that undesirable seat next to the bathroom and I gave him a sympathetic nod as I entered the tiny cubicle.

Now everyone knows how the lock thing works, right? You slide it to the lock position, the lights go on, the indicator in the front of the plane goes on, and although a mere inch of door separates you from the elderly gentleman with the unfortunate seat assignment, at least you have some semblance of privacy.

Unless the door slide doesn't work.

I slid it . . . and it stopped halfway. No lights came on.

I slid it again (this time with more force) . . . and it stopped halfway. No lights came on.

I slid it . . . well, you get the picture. I was starting to dance around. They serve Diet Coke on United flights. Need I say more?

So I decided to just risk it. I didn't need much time, most everyone had seen me walk by, and even if someone came back there, the elderly gentleman would tell them it was occupied, right?


A lady yanked that door open on me and the elderly gentleman got an eyeful. I screamed. She screamed. I slammed that door shut and put every ounce of force I had on the door slide. It finally unstuck, but the damage was done.

It was hard to leave that tiny bathroom in the back of the wee Canadair jet. I'd been wee-ing. They'd been see-ing. I had to walk the entire length of the plane to get back to my Premier seat.

The lady was standing in the aisle with her back to me. I think she was too embarrassed to face me. As I passed I hissed "The door lock sticks!" and she just nodded and gulped.

These are the types of things that seem to happen to only me.

WHY didn't the elderly gent . . .oh who am I kidding? He was annoyed to have that seat and the drama of bathroom-gate was probably the highlight of his flight. He's probably blogging about it right now!

As to the other stuff - life drama is too life-y, so I won't bore you. Work drama is that I've got a heap of classes to get designed and I'm not the speediest of designers. With the interactive parts you have to draft templates and test them and see if they work and re-test them, etc., etc. So I am going on record with saying there will be no more posts until 3 more classes are designed. That's a good week, at least.

In the meantime, here's the other class for Scrap-a-Ganza in November. It's called You Who and I'll try to get it on my website later today. We only have an hour for this class, so I tried not to make it too, too complicated, but there will still be a little bit of homework. Just easy stuff though. All the interactive and stamping stuff will happen in class.


I've been wanting to design a class with the spin wheel for some time. I love the way this thing works. You just spin the CD and the arrow pulls up the photo, revealing the journaling and a calendar. Keep spinning and the photo rotates back into position. I'll show you how to alter your page protectors so the elements work in an album. The papers and stamps are October Afternoon. The other embellishments are Scenic Route. Cardstock is Bazzill.

More classes to come!

RKQOTD (Me: How's your shake, Karl? You know - when I was pregnant with you and your sister I used to love getting vanilla shakes from a drive-thru called Rally's. Karl: Here's the thing, Mom. Making unhealthy choices when you're pregnant can sometimes affect the baby.)