Happy Halloween!

Winter Class

Another class - this one for doe@ding in Rotterdam on November 13th. The other class is Starstruck

The Winter class is a chipboard album, modified to have pull-out pages, with a fun binding and a pop-up snowflake chain in the center of each spread. I decorated mine with photos from the Blizzard of 2003, but the photos do not have to be snow-related. Each kit comes with a complete sheet of alphabet punch-outs and you can make whatever titles and captions you like.


If you are a student needing info, here is the link: Winter Mini Album


EMMA: Listen to this joke from the joke book that came with my kids meal: Did you hear about the delivery van loaded with thesauruses that crashed into a taxi?

ME: No.

EMMA: Witnesses were astounded, shocked, taken aback, surprised, startled, dumbfounded, thunderstruck . . .

ME: Ha ha ha.

EMMA: I don't get it.

KARL: Let me tell you what that means. "The Saurus" is a suffix that is used to describe a type of dinosaur. So the joke is that there were a bunch of dinosaurs in the van and they were injured in the crash.

EMMA: (looking at the joke book and thinking for a second) Correction. "Thesaurus" is a type of dictionary that tells you different words for things. I think it's trying to say a bunch of words that mean the same thing.

ME: My vote is with Emma.