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Mom jeans (genes?)

About a year ago I bought a pair of jeans that John hates. I think they're cute and very comfy, but he insists that they look like mom jeans. I'm not totally sure I understand what makes them scream "mom" and why that's automatically synonymous with "not cool" but whatever. I wear them when he's out of town.

I've always considered myself a pretty hip mom. Oh sure, I drive a mini-van, but that's just practical. And yes, I generally shlump around my house and neighborhood in a greasy ponytail, pilled tee-shirt and jeans with holes in the knees, but that's just practical. I'm conserving water, makeup, and money. It's for the environment, people!

And when I decide to venture out of my neighborhood, I clean up pretty nice. Well, decent anyway. I have some cute tops and jeans with rhinestones on the butt and shoes that make people say "I love your shoes!" In fact, tonight I'm going out with the girls and I will be shampooed and spritzed and moussed, and I will wear shoes with heels and jewelry with attitude and there may just be glitter involved, so there!


Just mostly.

But luckily I'm in good company.

Because yesterday Evelyn and I and our two sets of twins piled into my mini-van for a road trip up to Centennial. Scrapbook Destination was kicking off their Scrap Pink events with a silent auction and a great "20% off of anything pink" sale. I donated some stuff for the auction from my altering kick of several months ago - the Christmas Pail, the Scenic Route Purse, and the Brown Basket. Bid on them at the store, Colorado girls - it's for a good cause. My ego. Heh.

It was at a stoplight on the journey up there that I finally understood John's point about the mom jeans. Evelyn and I had been discussing where to eat dinner.

EVELYN: Where should we eat?

ME: Doesn't matter to me - got any ideas?

EV: (looking around) OH! We could take the kids to Charles E. Fromage!

ME: Great idea!

EV: I've got coupons!

ME: I think I do, too!

And then it happened. Like synchronized swimmers in the big pool of motherhood we reached into our purses and pulled out . . . matching accordion coupon holders!

Oh no you didn't?

Oh yes, we did.

And we had a little discussion about them, too.

EV: I had to get this little holder after I saw yours. It's perfect! Donna got the bigger one and she puts ALL her coupons in it, even the grocery ones, and keeps it in her car.

ME: Smart. Oh darn, my Charles E. Fromage coupons are expired.

EV: I have plenty.

Because, in addition to having a thoroughly scintillating convo about our coupon organization systems, we can speak in "Mom-ese" without missing a beat. Every mother knows that you don't say "Chuck E. Cheese" around little ears when you're still deciding. There are certain words and phrases that are taboo when children are within, say, 100 yards of your location. "Disneyworld" "Stop for ice cream" "Open presents early" - you get the idea. You spell when they're little, and speak in code when they're older.

And every mother knows this!

It's in our genes. And, apparently, our jeans. *sigh*

But luckily I have an alter-ego . . . scrapbooking teacher extraordinaire! (Segues, so good at the segues)

"Extraordinaire" is in the eyes of the beholder, of course, so I have a new class for you to behold:


This is the class for Scrap-a-Ganza that I will teach in the Netherlands November 16-18. It's called Moving Transparent Mini-Album in the class descriptions and you MUST sign up for both sessions. More class info, including picture sizes and the "what to bring" list can be found here: Clearly Now. One of the sessions is full already and the other one has 8 spots left. Can I just say a huge THANK YOU to the 112 people who were willing to sign up for this class before I'd even designed it?! You guys make me feel very hip and cool! I mean, not cool enough to throw away the mom jeans, but cooler.

This is my first acrylic album and it was more mentally challenging to figure out placement of things on a transparent album than any interactive feature I've ever designed! I absolutely love the way this turned out and I hope you do, too. The collection is called Funky Vintage - Ruby from Making Memories. The rub-ons are Basic Grey. The interactive feature is on the front - a wrap-around picture chain that holds 40 additional photos! The album itself will hold a comparitively modest 24 photos - we want a lot of clear area, after all. I put photos of my Paris trip in it, because I knew I had 64 photos handy, but the theme is generic - not travel. I think it would be an adorable kids, about me, friendship, summer or Easter album. You do not need photos in class, but feel free to bring them. At Scrap-a-Ganza we're going to attempt this 3 hour class in 2.5 hours, so I doubt we'll get to the photos, but bring them to add during your crop time, if you want.

For the Americans, give me some feedback - you want this one in the States? I can offer it online with enough interest.

Last piece of business - where are my Southerners? I need workers next week for the DollarScrapbooking booth at Simply Southern. If you're going to the show and can work - even for a few hours, please post a comment or e-mail me. The show is in Huntsville, Alabama. I really need a worker (or two) for Thursday set-up, too.

RKQOTD (Me: Emma, you know what I heard? Emma: What? Me: I heard the girls on the team you're playing tonight in soccer say that you weren't any good. Emma: Oh yeah? Me: Yep. I heard them say "Let's take the ball from Emma!" Can you believe that? They also said "Emma's no good at the Scooby Doo Game Boy game!" Are you going to let them get away with that? Are you going to let them take YOUR ball? Emma: Mom, I know you don't know any of those girls. You're just trying to encourage me.)