They happen in 3's
Emma on Idol

Oh no she dih-un't!

Oh yes, she did. Kitty drudged up a year-old Idol fight on ELLIOTT DAY!!!

How DARE she! With friends like these . . . well, you know.

You can read the whole slap fight by following the link to Kitty's Blog, but to sum up, Kitty sent me this "photo comparison" last year about this time:

Elliott_and_tumnus She made the rather unkind observation that Elliott resembled Mr. Tumnus, from The Chronicles of Narnia, which is ridiculous because Mr. Tumnus is playing some sort of mythical pan flute (or maybe trimming his beard with mythical pan shears - can't quite tell) and Elliott is singing into a microphone. Sheesh. No comparison whatsoever!

In the same spirit, I shot back my own photo comparison of her favorite contestant, back when he was known as Chris Daughtry and not DAUGHTRY!!!!!!!!!! (Hey DAUGHTRY, quit yelling at me!)

Mr_clean_daughtry_2 I mean, SPITTING IMAGE, no? (A more appropriate modern-day comparison might be Britney Spears, but I'm sticking with Mr. Clean)

I was super-nice about it when Chris got booted before Elliott, too. Very sympathetic if I remember correctly.

Which made her blog post even more uncouth, especially on Elliott Day. Hey Kitty, did you see that Elliott's little indie album is at #3 on iTunes and #5 on Amazon? Gosh, that little faun must be able to SING or something! Whoda thunk it? Oh yeah, ME!!

But let's not dwell on score-keeping. I like DAUGHTRY when I HEAR HIM on the RADIO - he's very TALENTED and I always THOUGHT SO. (Wow, thanks, The-Artist-Formerly-With-A-First-Name, I really enjoy capitalizing!)

I just liked Elliott better, that's all.

So let's just update the photos with their looks a year later. I'm sure they've both taken their fame and hired some stylists to really improve their looks:


Elliott! Looking SHARP! Love the curls and the smoldering look. Mmmm.


DAUGHTRY! Love, uh, the new name? Facial hair looks a little shorter and is that a new beauty mark above your right eyebrow? That's HOT!

If you want to see Elliott's new teeth, curls, and soulful yumminess, go watch his video. Nuff said.

Elliott's Video - Wait for You

The album is really good, by the way. You can preview the entire thing at AOL Music - but you've got to buy it from iTunes to get Whiter Shade of Pale as a bonus track - and you'll want it. Good stuff.