Oh no she dih-un't!
With much regret

Emma on Idol

Top 10 Performance Critique by Emma, age 8.5:

LaKisha - She improved a lot.

Chris Sligh - Compared to last time, I think he went down a little.

Gina - That song has crescendos in it. That's when it gets louder and LOUDER!

Sanjaya - Hey, I thought it was going to be the guy with the wavy hair!

Haley - Besides the one crescendo where she got a little bad - that was good!

Phil - It's probably not his best performance.

Melinda - I liked it, but I think that she didn't improve that much from last week. She sounded the same as last week.

Blake - I don't think he improved very much.

Jordin - I didn't like it very much. The outfit doesn't go with the song. All the other ones were better.

Chris R. - I thought he was somewhat different. I actually don't know what to say about that performance.

Emma's wrap-up thoughts: Best of the evening: Gina. Going home: Jordin. On Sanjaya: I just didn't like his hairdo! On her favorite: I'm a Blake fan . . .but I like Elliott a little more!

What? Just because Elliott's CD is always playing in the van? That has NO influence. Sheesh. She just has excellent taste, is all.

It's Spring Break around here, resulting in all sorts of scintillating activity. Karl, for instance, made a paper clip chain out of 300 paper clips. He molds it into shapes, like people and dogs, and then calls his grandmother on the webcam and tries to show it to her. Oh, and he's been cramming himself into a medium-sized cardboard box with an ingenious rubber band/Crayola marker locking system. We've taped up the box a few times since it's pretty much Hulk clothes at this point. The best, though, has been when he IM's me from the other side of the fireplace. Conversations like this:

KARL: can we chat now?

ME: I just found your CD's in here. All the music ones. You want to come get them?

KARL: OK I'll be there in 5 seconds

Which is a bit of an exaggeration, because I'm pretty sure you can make it from his computer to mine in about 3 seconds if you don't dilly-dally.

Emma, meanwhile, has kept herself busy with playdates, soccer practice, American Idol and screaming in frustration at her Gameboy.

Good times.

RKQOTD (Emma: Karl, I think when you grow up and become an inventor you should make a car that runs on trash so that way our world wouldn't be so filthy and people wouldn't litter. Karl: Yeah. I could make it so you could throw away your trash from inside the car and it would go straight to the engine. Emma: Good idea!)